My item rejected after resubmit. Please advice me.

Hi there all,

My resubmitted my item to codecanyon after got rejected on first time. I worked with the design and some functionality.

I didn’t understand why they are rejecting. please have a look to my item and please feedback me.

here is the demo link…

Thanks in advance…


I didn’t manage to get my scripts validated on codecanyon, but I’m still working on them and I’m not losing hope.

I’m still working on it and I’m not giving up hope, but I’d like to make some comments about your application:

  • in my opinion, you still have to work on your design, but I’m not saying that it’s only the design that makes it not validate
  • I’ve seen that you use react and probably a framework behind it, so make sure you don’t have any security holes in your application
  • if there is an admin panel, check also that it doesn’t have bugs on it and security issues