I faced Hard Rejection, could someone please explain why ?

Hello guys, Today I posted my Item called Storify.
I faced hard rejection, I don’t know if it’s about the design or the functionalities in the script,
I posted previously a script, it’s worse than this, and got accepted.
Here’s a demo
Password : 123456789
Thank You

I can not tell you why is rejected, but I want to ask you this:

Have you submitted the script with text like this:

sdffg sdffg sdffg sdfg sdffg sdffg sfdfgsdffgs …

I mean, is that your real demo? If yes, I would give you hard rejected without checking anything other. Don’t do that anymore (sorry if I am wrong here and if that is not your real demo data which you have submitted on CodeCanyon).

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Thank You for your reply, Yeah that’s the real demo.
But what should I do ?
Change the name, the logo, a little bit the design and re-submit ? And of course the demo ?
Or just give up this one ?
Thank you again


already hard rejected Item again resubmit not acceptable by envato. You may re-submit once you have done significant changes and can be considered as a completely new item that is entirely distinguishable from the first upload. So that it look and feel as like a totally new Item, you can think about layout, color, features etc. Then you can submit it with a new title. Thanks


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Thank You for your reply.
I will try my best to do it :smiley:

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Hi! Evendough you’re a good coder, and your script makes sense, design is what caused the hard rejection. There’s no time to teach you design in the soft rejection queue, so maybe, a designer could help? :slight_smile: That’ll put this script into a good use, with nice texts, spacing, fonts/sizes, and images. Then it’d not look like this at all, and it maybe could pass the review, if coding is right, that is, as, when you pass that design mark, it’ll be check for coding.