HARD REJECTION with my item please help

Please, I need the help to submit my items. I have already submitted three times and had three rejections

Link : https://taxirh.todocoding.fr/

Admin : yugnormand@todocoding.fr /12345678
User: yugnormandngangue@gmail.com /12345678

Demos need to be in English - would definitely contribute to a rejection

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Thank you for your message, after placing the demo in English. I have submitted and again I have a refusal. With: https://validator.w3.org/, I was able to scan and fix some errors. Can you please look again?

charlie4282 please help me to check my demo :sweat_smile: :face_holding_back_tears:

Without significant changes, don’t submit application if it is already Hard Rejected. This may cause Revoke the upload permissions.

Your design is not modern and looks back-dated. So it is rejected. Recently Envato emphasizes on this.