Hello, help me please to know why i got rejected, and why codecanyoun team don't explane.

Hello everyone, i made a Web Application for (chat with strangers) it’s similar to omegle, by nodeJs and React.
i got hard rejection, for sure i fully understand and respect the rejection and the reasons, but i also need to know why my item got rejected ! i just can’t impove my self by getting rejection without explanation.
the code was clean and commented. documentation etc.
why codecanyon team don’t include the reasone behind the rejection? we really should know where is our mistakes.
for example, my code is always good for me , but not good for better developers! how can i know that my code isn’t good or dosen’t meet the quality of codecanyoun.

here is demo.

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I checked demo, it’s ok for me. But at envato they need unique items. May be your item design is similar to others, there can be one or many reasons of hard rejection.
Like similar item, design, code quality, documentation, or something. Reviewer can soft reject if it require else they hard reject.

You can resubmit it again after lots of modification.
If code quality is good then front end should be unique and give wow factor. :slightly_smiling_face:( My opinion, I am not expert)
Thank you


Like similar item, design, code quality, documentation, or something

yes i know, but the reviewer should include the reason, because how can i improve my self? i don’t know for which of these reasons my item got rejected.
And beside, yesterday after i got rejected, i buyed an item, just to see how authores do it right,
here what i found.
1-no documentation, (the author put a link to documentation it in the item description but it was expired)
2-the comments in the code are writtin in other language NOT in English witch is also bad ( i don’t know how reviewer did not notic this)
3- so poor design (not bad), the item was created in 2020

anyway thank you for trying to help.

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Try to resubmit again by making few changes and in comment box ask them " Please mention issue in case of you reject item so i can find the best way by following envato quality standards " .
Hope this help

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i dont get anything past putting my name, not even the text field works, the design is super, super simplistic and padding is everywhere off alignment.

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The website is empty, you won’t find anyone to speak with, the text field is displayed when you are not chatting with anyone.
I agree, the design is simple, but i saw alot of ugly design that got approved in 2020, that’s why am confused about the design thing.

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Do they ever notice this message?