Your submission doesn't meet our quality requirements! A big lie!

Hello All,

Be very careful with Envato, because they don’t give any reason which is really explaining why your good quality item is rejected, we work on our products for months and submit all files to Envato, then wait for result, how will you know if they don’t give you any explanation for hard rejecting your item you submitted, what if they modify and use your codes in their system or sell them somewhere else?

Here is my item rejected below and they just saying it doesn’t meet their quality requirements!

and here some same kind of products which accepted in CodeCanyon:

[removed: please don’t call out items or users]

Demo page of this item doesn’t even work! And there is exactly same product in github made by someone else! even in comments customers say this that this product is stolen from github! Author don’t even reply to these comments!

Here another item that meets Envatos quality requirements!

As you can see this product is also very simple version has no originality but accepted by Envato!

I am not crying here because my product is rejected but it is my first time here and their system has many wrongs to say, they don’t give a real reason for rejecting and they also say you can’t submit same item again! They should tell you why they reject your product and give you other chance to correct these mistakes and apply again, but no! this system sucks and very suspicious, Will Envato give me any guarantee that is my code i’ve sent them is not copied and will be used by them? Don’t tell me they are so rich so they don’t need this, Also what is logic if you compare my product with other ones, who can say other ones meet quality and not yours!(One product exactly has free github version made by somone else and it doesnt even have demo, author dont even reply, another one is so simple and ugly looking but still met quality requirements)

If an item is rejected it is very bad that they don’t give real reasons for this. They should say for what reasons this product doesn’t meet their quality requirements! But hey! no answer from Envato!


Have you noticed the items date? They are from 2013/2014

Yes, 3-4 years ago and they are still on market!

So i have to go back in time and submit stealen or simple codes for to meet that famous quality requirements?

The design quality of your item is not good enough. It’s amatorial quality.
I think you need to improve the UI design and then you can send again. Is not a big work.

On top of the UI design, you should consider adding more features, versatility, options etc. to add premium value, but definitely fix the visual execution as a priority.

For what it’s worth -

  • “envato” would never sell other peoples’ code elsewhere (esp. not those that are rejected here). They are just a marketplace from other authors to sell their own items on

  • they do provide feedback when an item reaches a certain threshold and is close to approval. Items prior to this standard, it tends to be counter-productive

  • with respect, if this item took you months to create then stock marketplaces may not be the right place for you

Hey there!

Did you check other examples in the links i’ve given? So you say they are good enough for qualifying but not mine :slight_smile: lol.

I still didn’t get a real answer because i think there is no real answer to this situtation.

And i didn’t say it took months to make this product, it was a general saying if you read carefully.

If you are hard rejecting something you should put reasons on the table to this, if you just say we hard rejected because doesn’t meet our quality requirements then explain to me these requirements and what didn’t fit into this?! So i will have chance to know what was wrong in my product.

Yes I did:

  • One is clearly a spam account (now reported to support)

  • All credit to the second on who has maintained support and updates since 2013. That said if they submitted this today it would not be approved with that basic UI

Comparing your files to others (especially those from 3 to 4 years ago) is one of the single most pointless things you can do - there will always be on-the-fence items in a marketplace that receives tens, if not hundreds of thousands of submissions a month, and as fast as someone can find files that may not seem of the same standard, it’s even easier to find examples of files which show others to be less than freebie standard.

Again with respect (don’t take this the wrong way), the second file you linked to is from 2013 and is a similar concept to yours, but even though it is 4 years old it is still better executed (mobile display, spacing typography, styling, general demo delivery).

  1. Typography is inconsistent and not very good
  2. Margins throughout are inconsistent and uneven
  3. Sections do not line up and are uneven heights
  4. Content cropped
  5. Padding and spacing needs work everywhere
  6. Selection criteria does not match slider selection

    The item simply is not up to the standard with a lack of fundamental design basics, premium value or attention to detail.

Once files are closer to approval you will get your feedback. Reviewers will never provide feedback (nor should they) to items that they deem to be too far from the expected standard - that’s the “real answer” to why some items don’t get feedback.

First of all thanks to you for taking your time and giving me more detailed reasons which i think it should be done by reviewers. You right but i will have no chance to correct these and submit my product again because it says you can not submit this product again, so what about this should i delete my file? or can i submit it again in new upload after changing these mistakes?

Anyway still think this is not fare to hard reject any kind of product without any reason, there should be always description for rejecting an item even if it is crap unless it will never sound fare and good quality rejecting system.

Envato’s reviewers don’t meet my quality requirements so i don’t approve them either! Lol.

And down below another theme which gives better understanding of the looks and main theme for item, the black theme is just an option for black pages and of course with different colors it can look maybe worse.


And another product in second example which is much more simple maybe no errors but still my product doesn’t deserve to be hard rejected!

Here another product view which is being sold in CodeCanyon:


I am not saying this product is bad but mine is good, but i compare them just to give an idea of how quality requirements system work! Where is typhograpy and margins in second product, it is just simple of text without design!

Anyway thanks again for your response with details , it is my first time here but i feel like having a punch in face by Envato, if they were describing in their e-mail why my item was rejected i would never feel like this like many other authors.

My final question is; do you think it has got any chance if i correct these mistakes and upload it again? or do you advice me, delete my work because it is a crap( typhography not good, margins, etc)

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I do appreciate it is frustrating (believe it or not even the super authors get rejected often too) the review process will never change and actually is right how it is - the main reason for not getting feedback with hard rejects is:

  1. The reviewers get hundreds of thousands of submissions per month across the marketplaces and to add this step into the process would create huge delays in what is already a tough process.

People have suggested generic reasoning e.g. spacing, typography etc. but this falls down due to the second reason for no feedback

  1. Lack of experience, understanding, skill set to translate feedback effectively. Of course this doesn’t reflect on everyone hard rejected but all the reviewer has to base this on is their submission alone and in a big % of cases giving feedback like “typography needs improvement” or “hierarchy needs work” will not end up with all authors being able to effectively action this which means a) reviewers just wasted their time and b) the author will probably be more frustrated esp. if they think they have addressed the issues.

You really can't compare to that other file - it was released **over 4 years ago**. Standards and expectations have changed and nevertheless - while it is a bit basic for today's market it still does not display errors.
On yours - you can resubmit assuming that you make enough of a radical change (to the point it feels like an entirely refreshed project) but in all honesty you are pushing a very out-dated feature that nowadays is often encompassed into bigger and more versatile UI sets etc. so even if you could get approved (it would take a huge change) then you are not likely to generate huge sales from it - coincidentally "market suitability and potential" is also a consideration in the review process. Again developing and designing for a stock marketplace is quite different to normal work.

It’s not meant to be harsh and more to stop you wasting your time. My advice would be to forget this one, spend some time looking at the big selling items on the marketplaces esp the features and detail in design that goes into them and perhaps start fresh with a bigger project.


I think your answer will suit any Envato marketplace
Great words

Thanks for advises but my project should not have to be big, this was just a simple slider and few sales and being on market would be enough to feel satisfaction about this, of course for bigger projects i will not send it to Envato if they just reject items without giving evidence, i will never risk my codes by sending them to a black hole!

This is not my only business, and this product is already on other market for sale, it was checked and found good enough for sale and i already started making money of it so as i said i write here just to show big minuses of Envato’s submission system, i still believe it should not be so hard to write reasons of rejectingin the e-mail, it can even be automated like bad coding, bad margin, etc. If i only had some reasons from Envato whatever it is, that was going to sound more fare and qualified.

Image textures :open_mouth: bold fonts, 1px borders and these not-really-good transparent slider knobs. Is this like 1992? Today, SVG, CSS3 and similar technologies are used. Designwise your work can be rated with 1/10. I guess that’s what the reviewer saw. Thanks!


Well if you decide to keep going with it then just so you know - as an exclusive author you can’t be selling items elsewhere and that will be a guaranteed rejection also

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I can only take a wild guess what’s going on with Envato. There are many submissions, but the demand is much lower these days, so they sort of raised the bar few levels. While in the past low quality products were accepted, that is not the case anymore. I had few hard rejections myself, in the Audio Jungle, so I’m only submitting into CodeCanyon where none of my items were rejected yet, and I did submit quite a few. Some had zero sales in a longer period of time and I’ve found exclusive buyer for one of my items (Unity game) on the freelance market, so I removed it from Envato to be able to sell it to my buyer and stay exclusive author on Envato. In any case, they’re not providing any precise explanation when rejecting, I was questioning what the problem was for days and finally decided not to release anything on Audio Jungle.

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Yes, you are right.
I have same problem.
I submitted my product 10 days ago,
after 10 days envanto said: "unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again."

Admin panel link.

Android App link:

any expert here, kindly tell me what is the reason of rejection of my ITEM.

and I want to ask Envato that:

What is the reason of rejection of my Item?
What is your quality requirement?
And what is the proof that my item will not be sold to anyone else?

Same here, just rejected, and ok i do not have problem with that but why i cannot correct the mistakes (if there were any), and submit it again… very brutal. As developers that is what we do, find bugs, problems and fixed them but envato brutally takes this ability for us.

Hi @CodingPortfolio
This same things happen with me. No one care here. They rejected my item so many time. And on response they don’t give any suggestion. Sometime only give me small screenshot only from that you can not understand what is actual issue.

I have also make support request 3-4 time but on that as well no one reply me.

Notes : if anyone think i am lie then contact me. i will show all email proof. @charlie4282

They also just reject me every-time and did not give me chance for make it correct.

Why am I tagged here? there’s not much I would be able to do when items get rejected?

Your best option is to open a thread and post the demo link so people can provide feedback. This is a 2 year old thread so not the best place to do it.

They can not provide exactly the reason reject, when you have this reject this is a hard reject. I also have same problem now. I still searching the exactly reason to fix it now.
You can check more policy of Envato here

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