i have uploaded 4-5 items but still i receive error "dose not meet quality standard" and in subject line 'rejected'

what should i do, i think its fake site. each time i received same error . does not meet quality standard and help community also not tell reason, where i am wrong.
its not way…
i am doing lots of effort for making file , atleast help team should told you need this…
its just common email i received not meet quality .

All that means is that the reviewer feels the item is too far from the standards to give actionably detailed advice

If you want feedback you can share the demo links here

http://pvpatilclass.in/mayurworking – please check why this is rejected
other one is html form -php backend but both are rejected.
other one unit converter - which convert all unit (1000s of conversion add)
envato just told not meet quality standard , but not tell exactly what i do.
please share exact reason

Try to focus on one good item. There is no need to upload a thousand items. Take one of those that were rejected and keep refining it, adding functionality, adding better graphics until it reaches above average quality and you are personally satisfied.

If your product is so good that you would be willing to pay for it yourself, then it just might be ok for CodeCanyon.

It looks to me that both the graphics and functionality of your product is very basic. There are free templates that look and feel better. Sorry if I am being harsh. Also, HTML templates would find a better market on ThemeForest rather than on CodeCanyon.

That being said, don’t give up! Keep refining your product. When it will be truly ready, you will feel it at a glance.

With respect the design in that link is nowhere near the expectation

It’s basically broken all over on mobile

There’s validation issues in the code

There is no premium features or functionality