My item rejected. can someone suggest me what's reason.

Its a forum script.i spend more than 6 month to build this. they saying isn’t at the quality standard required and cannot resubmit.but i saw lots of script accepted they use more 3rd party free plugins,admin template. i made my own. not sure why. please someone look and give me suggestion

demo login
username : admin
password : 12345

The UI for me is not good, maybe you should have used a template

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Hello :slight_smile:

This might be one of the reasons.
Low Quality: The design is not of high enough quality to warrant being sold as a premium item.

Common Rejection Factors CodeCanyon

CSS Rejections

  • Low Quality: The design is not of high enough quality to warrant being sold as a premium item.
  • Too General: Many CSS files are available for free and so items must distinguish themselves. They need to go above and beyond what is available in free files.
  • Similarity: If a new submission is too similar to items that are already available on the Envato Market, it will be rejected. To be accepted, items must be unique, or of a higher quality than the currently existing items.
  • Inline CSS: Do not use inline CSS. Export all styling to an external stylesheet.
  • Validation: Excluding any vendor-specific prefixes, all of your code must validate. Otherwise, it will be rejected.
  • Inline -> Block: Do not place block level elements (div, h2, etc.) within inline elements (span, em).

JavaScript Rejections

  • Degradation: If an item requires JavaScript to work, you must provide an operable degraded version as well. For example, picture sliders should still be functional, at a minimal level, even when JavaScript is disabled. The practice of progressive enhancement should be employed to ensure that the script gracefully degrades in such a way that it remains minimally accessible to all users (or at least, the vast majority).
  • Complexity: The item is not of sufficient complexity or it lacks features. Items must be unique and have additional features and/or superior implementation to differentiate from readily available free files.
  • Implementation: The item’s implementation is simply not up to the level of quality expected. Thought must be given to application design with abstraction and intuitive API for the buyer. It must be easy to customise and integrate with a buyer’s own design and preferences.

PHP Rejections

  • Too General: With an abundance of open source solutions available we strive for unique functionality or a unique twist on existing functionality.
  • Implementation: Code should be well written, secure and well commented. A clean application design and proper abstraction is implicitly expected.
  • Lack of features: Items need to have more than one focus, a single simple feature provides little attraction for buyers.
  • Ease of Integration: The code must be easy for the purchaser to include in existing projects. API should be intuitive and code should be documented clearly. Separate config files are an excellent place to start.
  • Lack of documentation: Documentation should be well written and explain all the features provided. Pictorial guides are ideal.
  • Lack of Market Prospects: Occasionally items are well written, but unfortunately lack sales prospects. Please consider whether purchasers will pay money for such a functionality.

Other Rejection Reasons

  • Failure to test in a variety of browsers: Items should be tested in IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.
  • Lack of documentation: Templates must include documentation explaining installation and, any unique aspects of the template.