please tell why my this item get rejected

I uploaded this php script to and was rejected. Can you guys give me some ideas to fix it?
Link demo user:

Link demo admin:

Username admin: admin
Password admin: 1234

I’m not sure about the coding but the design ( interface ) is a reason itself to get the item rejected.

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Can I ask you something? I write code that regularly writes css then < style> … < /style> and js < script> … </ script> in the same file as html too. codecanyon accept or not. Or force the css to be in a different file and JavaScript is another file

I don’t think so design would be the reason of rejection.

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Inline styling is a bad idea Common Rejection Factors CodeCanyon – Envato Author Help Center

That said the demo is weak and far from premium in terms of look and feel which is definitely enough to get a rejection before the reviewer even looks at the functionality of the plugin

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Thanks for your contribution. I will fix it next time