Item Rejected : we found it isn't at the quality standard required to move forward

Hello Everyone,
I recently submitted my item, “Restina - Food and Restaurant Business Platform,” to CodeCanyon, but it was hard rejected. The rejection came very quickly, within 3 minutes, and I was informed that it did not meet the required quality standards. Unfortunately, no specific feedback was provided.

The HTML version of this product on ThemeForest has been successful, with over 18 sales, so I am confident in its potential. However, I understand that different platforms have different standards, and I am eager to improve my submission to meet CodeCanyon’s criteria.

Could anyone please review my item and provide constructive feedback on the following aspects?

  1. Design Quality: Are there specific elements of the design that need enhancement for CodeCanyon?

  2. Functionality: Were there any features or functionalities that you think might be lacking or could be improved?

  3. Code Quality: Are there particular coding standards or best practices that I might have overlooked?

  4. Documentation: Is the provided documentation sufficient and clear?

  5. User Experience: Any feedback on the overall user experience would be highly appreciated.

I am committed to making the necessary improvements and would greatly appreciate any insights or advice from this community.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Demo Access:

Website Link:

Customer Panel:
Username: demouser
Password: demouser

Delivery Panel:
Username: deliverdude
Password: deliverdude

Admin Panel:
Username: admin
Password: admin


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It is beautifull

It’s really beautiful and I don’t see any reason to reject a product that is on sale!
@KingDog , what do you think about the current moderation issue on Envato? I guess it seems like the system is moving towards automated moderation, right?

Heya. There’s no automated item review. Each new Market item is personally examined by a reviewer. Thanks!

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KingDog Can you please give a opinion about the item lacks?

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Unfortunately I’m not on the review team so I can’t give any item feedback.

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I am also requesting for the same reasons, I am a first-timer submitter and my file got rejected…can anyone please assist me as to why this was denied?