Why has my PHP script been rejected? Without any reason!

Hi guys,

unfortunately I’m really sad that my project got rejected.
It’s a Video Platform, written in Laravel with Vue and Sass.
The entire source code is included (Vue Sass).

It’s responsive.
The code quality is very good.
The user experience is fine.
Everything is handmade and unique, the entire UI and the script.
Nothing stolen, no copyright issues.

Here is a live demo: http://videoly.de

Can anybody let me know why it got rejected?
As the reviewer didn’t add any reason to the hard rejection, to let me know what was wrong.

My bad: I forgot to upload the documentation. But shouldn’t it then get soft rejected with the reason “lack of documentation”?

I’ve added this documentation to the script:

I’ve added this image-description as description for the script:



Thanks a lot for helping me guys :frowning:


Your product is very good. I don’t know why it got rejected? It should be accepeted. Hi


Thanks a lot.
I was wondering myself, what went wrong with this project.

So sad actually. 6 months of work just blew up.

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I‘ve added the docs now to the script and got rejected again super fast. Why?!

Again NO REASON was added to this review.

Even though I‘ve added as notice for the reviewer ‚please explain me, if it gets rejected, the reasons why it got rejected‘

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Is there any expert who can help me please? I‘m so disappointed and sad that I don‘t know how I should continue with this project. Which changes should I do? :disappointed:

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I don’t understand those Evato standards myself. They say my site at https://ichat.lt UI / UX looks poor and outdated. Your product looks really good, maybe a little too much of white space, but that’s only my opinion.


Thanks a lot. I gave so much effort into a clean and professional as well UX friendly design, which is even handmade and totally unique, built with Vue & Sass.

I will work on white spaces now.
Anyways any plausible reason for rejecting it by a reviewer / staff would be appreciated.

I‘m sick of Anxiety and Panic Attacks since Dec 20‘ and it was a very hard way for me to work on this project constantly. My entire life and lot of bills are unpaid and I‘ve been hoping to have this product approved on my birthday upcoming 15th of May to solve a lot of problems in my life and keep working on great projects :disappointed:

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Design must be responsive.

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Thanks. Will immediately work on this now!

A lot of HTML errors.

I saw many custom HTML tags, are you using Web Components or something?

eButton and eTypo are Vue JS components.
I will notice this and close each Vue component on each view.

Thanks for helping me out! :slight_smile:

Anyway those tags aint valid HTML tags…
My app uses a lot of Vue components, but none of them gets rendered in the actual HTML / DOM under invalid tags.

I will contact some Vue devs and ask for their opinion here. Thanks!

Updated the landing page & SCSS to be very responsive / reactive.
On the landing page here you can try the responsive grids now: http://videoly.de/
(Notice: You might need to refresh your cache with CTRL + F5)

Now looks much better, but still too much of white space I think. What do you think of my app at ichat.lt ?

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I’ll work out some things fast on my project, and then I’ll track and focus your chat :slight_smile: Will come back very shortly and let you know some ideas / improvements.

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Made the entire page now responsive & very reactive to different breakpoints.

What do you think now guys?
What could be the next reason why it’s hard rejected?

Any help is badly needed and really appreciated!

  1. Youtube is really responsive, yours not really.
  2. HTML errors
  3. Issue with Vue components.
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  1. Can you show me where the breakpoints for responsive are still failing on my script? I’d like to fix them asap.
  2. Working on this right now
  3. As well working on that
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You should populate your demo site with more videos and channels, because right now it looks extremely barebones. I don’t understand why there is just one video.The demo site should look somehow realistic. This doesn’t. However the design in general looks very weak, but I don’t know how much is that important in this particular category.


Thanks for your answer.

What do you exactly mean with “weak design”?
How, or what should I improve to make it better?

Will populate the demo site now with lot of videos, categories, playlists and users.


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