Can anyone tell me what is reason behind for hard rejection?

Hello Authors,

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Shikkhaloy - School Management System” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Can anyone tell me what is reason behind for hard rejection?

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Just chill and wait for the people. Not everyone spending their weekends on the forum.

Anyway, there’re too many design issues ( color combinations / typo / spacing )
Haven’t checked the coding but you will definitely need much more better design for the project if the project itself offers good features.

Thanks for you feedback. Can you please tell me in which section color combination and typo and spacing not good?

It’s not one or two issues, there’re too many of them as the “general” design is no good, either

then please can you mentioned all those issue so i can fix them.

In that logic, there’s nothing to fix. You need better design. Get a better design.

I think it’s better design. some of this item in codecanyon not better than my item. Code is error free 100%

There is obviously a lot on offer here and there are other similar (ish) items for sale so it’s not that you couldn’t get approved but it feels quite unsuitable for a stock marketplace (which is a consideration in reviews) like this and I couldn’t see it generating a lot of sales.

Realistically given the potential complexity, confidential data, legal requirements, and likely maintenance and support, I can’t see any big or professional education centres going with a $100 stock item from an unknown (no disrespect) entity rather than investing in purpose built and professional education software.

I don’t think brother this script not similar to others you can check again. so have you checked recently codecanyon not accepting any script that might be reason also i followed codecanyon standards on my code. so all are latest and error free code also it’s not design i think.

@charlie4282 Also from yesterday and today no script is coming those days on marketplace did you noticed it too?

Reviews don’t necessarily happen on weekends which is more than likely why scripts have not appeared in the last few days

Then how my script reviewed is there any bot behind to do that ? Are you author?? Do you have any item any codecanyon? Or you are reviewer do you know code?? In codecanyon there is so many script is similar how they approved it?? do you have any answer also their code is so buggy also no coding standard at all they followed.

What happen is if some has good level author whatever they put on they approved it but for us nothing happen like that which is no good.

I am not a reviewer, and we do not sell our own work here.

We do however work with numerous authors on their items and have purchased into the thousands of items over a decade of memberships, so we are very familiar with the marketplace and how it works, and the technical skills required.

There’s no way of guaranteeing when an item will be checked. It’s less common on weekends but impossible to say for sure. Items are always reviewed by experts and not by bots.

Presumably, you submitted all the relevant documentation etc. correctly with the item?

You can contact support and see if they will give you more feedback on why it was rejected

Yes doc is given to them very clearly. you wanna see product documentation?

No, there’s only so much advice people can offer in forums.

Your best option is to email support or the reviewer and ask for more clairty

You need to spend more time for redesign. Quality means not only Design. Quality code and web standards. I suggest You need to check Latest trending items.

Code Okay brother I’ve confidence there is no error on code also i’ve checked latest items too it should be approved.

I hope reviewers found some issues. I suggest you can check all again, explain clearly to reviewers submit again. But carefull. Rejected items not qualify.
In case after re-submitting any issues they will find, That can disable your account.

Where i will explain to them about this item. On reviewer message??

You can check before submitting text area “reviewer message” field.