Can you fellow please assist to find out why our item got hard rejected?

Hi fellows,
We have uploaded an item in codecanyon last day, and we got very sorry that our around 2 months long hard work got hard rejected, we were working in codecanyon for several years and has some items, but we uploaded this item after a bit long gap after our last item. So maybe we did not get noticed about some new quality requirements or maybe any other issues are here. Can you fellows please have a look on out demo and help us to find out what we have missed here:

Here is our front end demo:
Here is our backend demo:

I have checked the front-end, the design is not really good and there’re lots of small issues around. You should consider to polish it as a start but the problem may be related to coding as well. I’m not sure abut the rejection message but was it standard one?

Thanks Buddy…

Missing guest checkout, even hard to find where have to login as a customer to place an order.
And I agree with @ki-themes points.