Item hard rejected but dont know why?

Hi everyone,

I am new author at codecanyon and uploaded my first project…or in other words I am new seller.

After uploaded my project I got an email from review then saying…

“Simple Contact less QR Digital menu system for restaurant & business owners” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

It took me months to build this…and after seeing Rejected word in email title I completely loose all hope…they didn’t see how much hardwork we did at the back of each project and in just 33min they rejected it completely:( wasted 1.5months…without giving specific reason…

I would be very appreciated if someone point out what is the reason behind this…what was the quality standards that I didnt make it up…

Q. can I resubmit this project again? after make changes in it?

Demo link:

Admin demo link:
password: admin123

I think No one is expert here…

How can I make such a setting so that it will get approval? what are the weaknesses?

No one can guarantee approval - in fact anyone who suggests they can are almost certainly the people who won’t.

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But atleast we can find a direction to make it for approval. World is depends on hope.

@ns789 -

The styling and UI is very weak and not really beyond basic off the shelf look and feel

That logo is not doing you any favours

The image quality does not help portray premium execution

Item details is very simple

It would probably benefit from have user login/profile as well as the existing guest option if people don’t want to register.

If it’s not tracking or storing data (as it clearly says) then how does it populate “my orders”?

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FYI @webwajid25 please refrain from trying to share personal emails or Skype - this is not allowed via forums

Continuing to do this will result in your account being disabled.

My orders are associated with temporary ID and that ID will be vanish at the end of the day…so do with orders.