My Item got hard rejected !!

I have posted a product of mine in codecanyone 4days ago. I thought this item is good enough for codecanyone. No similar item available in codecanyone But i have shocked when they rejected my item. I’m also a level 3 author. They said the item we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward. So guys please give me feedback on where need to improve my item. Here is the link to my item
Home page

I think they’re right. Your item is not good enough. Your design is out of date.
There are many free templates better than your template.
You should improve the UI.

I agree with Botble comment. They’re right.

Thank you for your reply. there also multiple theme options in the user panel. according to this script, users can download all information as vcf file and generate a QR code to share, no need so much information. if I improve UI and then submit, Will this cause any problems with my account?
Thank you!