Please help!!! My submission got hard rejected.

Hello Experts,
We have built an eCommerce CMS for codecanyon Shopzby - Multivendor Fashion Laravel eCommerce CMS . Our team has put a lot of effort into this project. But it got hard rejected. Can anyone tell me what’s the issue here? Would you please write your valuable feedback.
Thanks in advance

You need better design. The code itself is not gonna be good enough to get the approval

I didn’t think ithat is linked to the design cauz it s acceptable for me and i found some items with a bad design or low quality and i purchased before a very bad quality script from codecanyon it was bad in coding and the design was so bad if you campare it with @iyozed work or mine … usually i don’t give that much importance for the design when i purchase a php script. its features and the backend comes first it’s not a cms template or html template

Hi, Your item not looking premium quality. Many more items available free download online at present . I suggest you need to improve product quality.