Please help!!! My submission got hard rejected for the 4th time.

Hello Experts,
We have built an eCommerce CMS for codecanyon Shopzby - Multivendor Fashion Laravel eCommerce CMS . It got hard rejected for fourth time while we did a lot of changes in the design. Can anyone tell me what’s the issue here? Would you please write your valuable feedback?
Thanks in advance

Looks great,

  • Don’t upload rejected items multiple times, that may cause to revoke upload rights.

Thank you

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Looks nice. It can be better with small touches, of course, we don’t know your rear.
Do you sell on different platforms? what is the latest status?

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Our plan is to sell only in codecanyon. Currently, we are updating the project for the next submission.
Thank you

Let me know mate :slight_smile:

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I also got rejected many with two different project what I have to do ?

Rejected again. But unable to find out the reason. Can anyone help me, please?