No way my item should be rejected for quality standards! Please Help :)

My first item on CodeCanyon got accepted from the first time. So I build quality items.
This item got hard rejection without clear reason, the designs are so good and code quality is very good. Please help me i need any opening key here.


User Account

Password: qwer1234

Admin Account

Password: qwer1234



Update: I’ve added Google Analytics to the demo website and submitted the item again.
Got an immediate rejection and no one opened the demo, no one visited my website.
This doesn’t make any sense. Can someone please help?

I added more docs and submitted again, got a hard rejection 2 minutes after!
Can someone please guide me what should i do?

Hello @krashless,

Your design is nice but your tools aren’t enough as there are some other scripts with more tools.

P.S. You can’t resubmit this item again and note that the repeating attempts can cause disabling the uploading from your account.

Have a good day.

Hi @zaibstudios
Thanks for your reply!
I can’t see any one on codecanyon has more tools in the field of AI content generation as a standalone web app. Can you give me example?

And also what does it mean i can’t submit the item again? Does it mean i can’t edit it and re submit at any time? That doesn’t make sense.


Hello @krashless,

  1. Yes you are right that for this AI content category, there are no more tools but, you’ve developed it under the tools category so these aren’t enough.

  2. It means they don’t need this item on their platform, if you’ll submit it without major changes, they will definitely reject your project. If you’ll some major changes, don’t upload it before 2-3 months.

Have a great day.

I developed it under “PHP Scripts/miscellaneous”
If you looked there you’ll find a trend of ai content generator scripts, and all of them are the same features as mine (more or less) so i think there’s a mistake, is there a way i can request another review? Thanks!

Hello @krashless,

I meant you have presented it as a “Tools” script and definitely, it’s not fulfilling the minimum requirements required by CodeCanyon. Also, not everyone isn’t interested in SaaS products so if you are focusing on SaaS, then there should be some free stuff if someone wants to earn through ads.

Have a great day.

I appreciate you’re helping but it doesn’t make any sense
Look at this script for example (AI Writer SaaS - Powerful Automatic Content Generator Tools & Writing Assistant by Papon_IT_Solutions) it just got approved and it’s more or less same as mine and presented as tool and SaaS.

Hello @krashless,

Reviewed more for you, it’s having issues.

Have a good day,

I tried buying the [AI Writer SaaS - Powerful Automatic Content Generator Tools & Writing Assistant by Papon_IT_Solutions] but realised that it’s no more on Codecanyon.

Hi, did you get your item approved? Look like there are a guy keep checking codecanyon code new script and FILE DMCA take down for all scripts. Despite the fact that we all using CHAT GPT API to generate content, nothing so special but I think codecanyon so worry about taking laws sue