Re-submit an item deleted by my self?

I had to immediately delete some of my items after finding that I have used some un-authorized (licensed for personal use only) in my preview image. Now I have made the issue right, Can I re-upload it ? or is there a way I can upload only the preview image (I deleted without updating the item as it was taking time for the review and the item was publicly visible in the meantime) Please help

Unfortunately, from what I am aware, you are no longer able to re-upload deleted items, due to complications with previous buyers and already purchased licenses. However, I recommend in this case you submit a ticket to Envato Help & Support Center. They are the only ones that can make this happen.

Also, in case you have issues like these in the future, it’s best to contact support and request they soft-disable your item until you resolve any pending issue, rather than delete it directly.


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