How to restore deleted item?


I have deleted approved item from my portfolio accidentally. Now edit tab is not working for that. How to restore it? Please help.


please Contact Support. They will love to assist you.

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LOL i have a really good advice for u! keep a copy of what u do on an external drive! (and same goes for projects that are not meant for GR , this is the same) and repost if u need , adding a message to explain the situation to the reviewer and normally they will let it go … loss of data is a big plague that designers may have to deal with , u have to do your best to try to prevent it …

I think the issue is that their item was deleted from the marketplace, not their computer. They just don’t want to have to go through the review process again and reupload it as a new item.

While this is an old thread - just for clarity you can’t resubmit items once deleted. When they have been removed that’s it.

Why the old thread are not locked after a period of time?

it’s only a couple of months old, and some (not all) older threads still remain useful

Oh sorry, I didn’t realise it was old. It was at the top of the thread list, as if it was new.

this is ok lol :slight_smile: