Help with deleted item


Three months ago I uploaded a php script. A week later I deleted it; now i want it again on the market. Is it possible to reupload it?

My product page says the following:

However, when I open the (EDIT) tap it says that my product is uneditable!

What should I do? Reupload the product? Or contact customer support?



If your item was on market and you have deleted it, you can’t upload it again.


Appreciate your answer man. Is that an official answer?


Please note that once you delete an item you cannot change your mind, and Envato Market does not allow authors to re-upload previously deleted items. Please be certain before deleting your item.

If this would be possible (to re-upload item), everyone will do that, all the time, and to be again on the first page.

p.s. I am here regular author, like you, and someone from Envato will confirm this (official answer), but that is how it works.


That is correct

It’s partly as @CocoBasic said about Home page exposure, but also a consistent experience for customers, being able to manage their access to different files, and more.

In very rare cases support may over rule this but I haven’t seen that happen in a long time.


Contact support. They may restore it but you could also re-submit the item. It will probably save time


No, don’t resubmit the item because it’s against the rules and there might be repercussions. Contact support and see if they can help.


It’s not hard rejection, it’s soft rejection so he could submit it again


It’s no rejection at all… he deleted it.


Hello everyone.

Thanks for the awesome Envato team, they responded to my request, and stated the following:

Hello there,
Thank you for getting in touch and apologies about the tardy response.
I’ve not only undeleted the item but also enabled it back for you! Please let me know if you have any further questions.

That means my script has been reuploaded.

Thanks everyone