I deleted my approved Design so can i Upload it again

my design is approved 10 days ago and i had 1 sale ,
so i deleted it REASON ( i accidetly posted a all images preview on coment and i was woried if someone stole all ideas ) than i deleted file and i want to upload it again ???

its a posible to reject or approve again ??

Technically once you removed it then you can’t resubmit.

Because it was previously approved you might be able to reinstate it but it won’t go back on the homepage like a new file.

I’s suggest speaking to support

damn …
thank you for your help broo

hi Charlie, for me this looks pretty strange … after all a product had been approved, so if the authors wants to have it out and then have it back, why would not it be possible?

As Mentioned he might be able to reinstate it but in the position it was before not as a new file and back on the home page.

As I understand it support can change the file state to “soft disabled” so the author can then reactivate it

Items can be soft disabled by contacting support.

then, i guess that a lot of people do not know about this , just like i did not know …

If it was treated as a new file and therefore returned to the home page people would just continually delete and reuploaded files to get more exposure.

If an author soft disables a a file then they can bring it back. If they delete it completely then the only people who can reinstate it are envato support.

Yes this. This is why it’s not allowed to delete and re-upload. Everyone would do it. Buyers would loose their purchases. It would be horrible for everyone.

u definitely made a point, but buyers should also have the right move and save their purchases so that they do not lose them in any case, putting them in an external drive or something like this doesn’t hurt , this is a good security indeed