Only for Envato Team Members, Moderators and Authors (Help)



Hello, Envato disabled/deleted my 1 month old store as per my wish. now the question is can i resubmitted item that is already approved there? (Photoshop Action)


hi, if u did no get banned and are entitled to open an account, then i guess yes, though u may be not sure that they will be accepted again , all the same …


No, Not banned but It was approved successfully. Thanks for your valuable reply. This gives me some strength. :slight_smile:


i am happy that u feel this way, have to stick to doing your best and so on in any case :slight_smile:


If you deleted the item then no you can’t resubmit it


So, I can’t even give a single try!? Ok I’ll change my action from preview, thumbnail to action steps, all. :slight_smile:


I am not a reviewer but just bear in mind of they think you are in breach of the terms then your account will be blocked


this is a very strange policy all the same … he may have some reason to try to erase an item, if the thing was approved, this should mean that the quality is good enough to be resubmitted (as accepted once), so why preventing an author from doing what he may like, as long as he does not try to do this with all … no doubt that increasing the queuing willingly for no reason would not be welcome, but if are talking a single item from time to time , i do not see where is the problem, personally …


I believe it’s possible to “disable” rather than “delete” which is ok.

I don’t know why it is like this - I guess it’s because if treated as an entirely new item then people may be able to cheat the system and gain more homepage exposure


so this maybe a reason indeed, as for me , i was thinking in terms of queuing, i am not a shark at technique issues


It’s better not to automatically be sceptical and see ways to cheat :yum:

For all the areas where things could be updated, in most scenarios envato’s approach is justified


well , for the second part , this is your personal opinion and i respect it , but take a look at some threads about some new introductions and u will realize that many people do not feel the same as u do lol


Hmm, They can block me. What I said is I’ll completely change it. :slight_smile: Thank You. All for help me! asking someone, from author to Moderator makes me happy. and I get confidence to work hard. Currently I’m working very hard on High quality Mock-ups. They gets accepted! No rejections. but my Actions sometimes gets rejected… So i will have to work hard for actions too…


I delete my store due to some technical issue (Mine). :smiley: but i confirmed to Envato support Assistant that i’ll create new store… :slight_smile: