Ratings - Why is it almost impossible to receive a rating?

Firstly I understand that I sell sound effects and that may be the main reason that people don’t think it’s worth their time to leave a rating but with almost 300 sales I have never had a single item or author rating.

A possible solution to this could be an automated email sent from envato to the customer to learn about their buying experience and offering a simple link to rate the item or author.

I personally have received emails like this after buying products online and happily leave a review and rating. My main motivation is because it is so simple to just click the link in the email. If i have to go to the site, log in and then search for where I can leave a rating…I’d never do that.

Maybe when signing up to audiojungle or when purchasing an item there should be a box offering to receive a ‘review after purchasing’ email, then the customer can opt in or out of that as they please.

Just an idea.

Hi, they (Envato) as I know make a reminder about the rating for buyer. As an example: When I write in support of Envato and after they answer, I always receive a second letter with a reminder of the rating. And I very often rate their answer. Also: you can send along with your zip archive with a track a document with a reminder of the rating for buyers, as I do(.txt).
Good luck! :wink:

Yea, i add a pdf into the .zip with a thank you note and a reminder of the rating.
Someday i’ll get a few stars.
Thanks for the answer

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Well, it doesn’t matter ".pdf"or “.txt”. Some buyers put a rating, some do not, all in different ways, there is more a question of appreciation (verbal gratitude) client. That little depends on us (the authors)!

It is impossible to force a buyer to put a rating book, if he does not want this, this is a reality!

No doubt! :slight_smile: Of course you will get!
Good luck!

The short answer is that buyers don’t feel the need to rate items.

The longer answer would suggest that ratings are irrelevant for Audiojungle items, since buyers can download a fully functional watermarked file before purchasing. Many of us wonder why a customer would even buy an item that doesn’t perfectly suit their needs, meaning 5 stars. Yet some buyers do rate their purchases with fewer.


Be careful what you wish for. In my case 1 star ratings are a nightmare :slight_smile:


I think ratings on audiojungle are pointless. They make sense in other markets like themeforest, videohive (for After Effects templates) or codecanyon, because they can qualify if they are easy to use, if the support is good, and so on. But in audiojungle you know exactly what you’ll get.


Yea, I also agree that they are useless. I don’t see how anybody can buy something on audiojungle unless it’s exactly what they wanted.
Still, the ratings are there and I believe that an author with 5 star ratings will seem better to a customer.