Why buyers do not rate our items? Answer is here!

Hey guys, this is the comeback of this thread:

"The picture says it all. We always asking “why clients dont want to rate our items?”. Just make the ability to rate the item right after purchase! I cant imagine, why it is not there.

Client would give a rating right away and that`s it. Nobody wants to come back to the site to specifically rate the item.

  • How it looks now?

  • How it SHOULD BE

Make this small change, and you will see a great increase of ratings from the clients!

Sorry for the drawing, just wanted to make it quickly :slight_smile: "

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Ratings for Audiojungle items make 0 sense and should be abandoned completely.

Similar thread was on Themeforest forums too: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/suggestion-give-more-exposure-to-item-ratings/187186

While it may be possible to rate a file right away like audio, most items will require a buyer to spend some time with it before they can reasonably rate it. That’s why, in my opinion, rating a file right after you’ve purchased it doesn’t really work.


I would argue that this (while I agree would increase ratings) would not be a good idea.

How is someone supposed to rate something they have not used? This will lead to changes in ratings, author frustration and so on.

EDIT: Travis beat me to it! (must type faster!)

In unrelated news…Charlie owes me a beer.

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Oh sure, this thread was originally created for Audiojungle. So probably I should delete all the other tags, but “audio”. But it is still interesting to see what authors from other markets will say, maybe we will hear some interesting ideas :blush:

Yes, but nobody will force clients to rate. Person can rate an item right away if he thinks that it is appropriate in his case.

For example, recently I`ve purchased a Videohive project, and I wanted to rate it right after purchase, but couldn’t find the stars to do that. I already knew that project is awesome, so I didn’t need to download it in a first place to decide what I think about it.

Otherwise, if project would require some time for test, I wouldn’t like to rate it right after purchase.

You can always go back and change your rating later.

Here’s my radical thought on the subject: I think the rating system should be got rid of completely and immediately.

Either that or overhaul it completely. At the moment it’s pretty much useless to everyone, an unnecessary high risk for authors, not remotely meaningful to buyers and pretty much frustrating, angst-inducing and damaging all round. Until it has proper qualified user comments, the right to challenge and reply for authors and serious reviews like on Amazon or Ebay it’s worth nothing and should be turned off.


I’m totally agree with Felt. Honestly, I was agreed with Felt a couple years ago, when he was writing the same as now.

+1 the whole system is a klassovost and the career ladder is built on the number of sales. so the ratings and stars must be removed. it’s too much.

They don’t have time for this or just sometimes they don’t care about it. :slight_smile:

Your points really make sense, interesting to see more opinions :blush: