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So… I am from Argentina, and I got a page ( ) and I want to update my page, the face of my page

My question is:

If i buy a template ( )

Can I use it in my page? I mean, what I get when I buy that, a code? an html code?
I am not reaaally good with this stuff, so I will be really greatfull if I can get some help about this, and about the template!


You get basically what you see in that link.

  • html, CSS, JS etc

  • not necessarily images

  • basic documentation on using the item but not a service to edit or adapt or customise it for you

  • a lifetime of product updates as long as it remains for sale on Envato and the author is actively supporting it

  • 6 months (extendable) author support. Inclusions are

You can then edit the template as you need and use it for ONE project or website per time you buy it.

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Dude thank u for the answer!
Here comes other question…
My page can support that template? How can I apply that template?

I would assume so - it’s just HTML so you would need to edit the pages using a text or HTML editor (there will not be an admin or content management system) and then upload these to the website’s root directory using FTP like Filezilla.

You can also hire help

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Awesome thank you.

Can I use Dreamweaver to edit the html code?

You can BUT bear in mind that Dreamweaver visual display cannot usually display modern or complex templates clearly so it will work but you will need to modify the code more than the display mode