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I purchased a template to update our website and we edited in VSCode, used LiveServer to see that everything looks the way we needed and it did. We use godaddy hosting and uploaded via filezille ftp as we do with all projects and the website loads halfway and partially.

We contacted QuanticaLabs and they refuse to provide support so I am here now. The website is www.bestinacadiana.com for anyone that would like to offer help.


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!


I contacted QuanticaLabs (the author) and they said they will not help because I purchased through Envato Elements.

Items downloaded via Elements do not come with item support. You need to purchase the license from ThemeForest if you want to get support as well.

The full page loads fine for us.

Are you sure it’s not a caching issue on your browser?

I have checked on both edge browser and chrome. When the homepage loads the first image in the slider shows the second one is blank and the third one loads, the footer is empty and there is no wording under established in 2012 and all sections below it are empty.

There is an issue with the image in the slider - the path is not right (this is the set up not the theme/template) - if you inspect the code you can see both the other images but this second one is a broken link

FYI images which are 1.5mb + in a slider is going to slow things down - you need to optimise the assets

The text under established 2012 seems fine

Thank you for the clarifications and suggestions with optimizing the photos. I am working on that now. Putting that screenshot was ace! I am not understanding why it doesnt show up correctly and I cleared my cache from both browsers.

With the cache it may just be a case of refreshing a few time and just keep trying it (make sure you close the browser fully and restart it too)

Another update to make - you slider images are all stored in different folders. This makes no sense.

You can see below how the slider image is broken

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