Help! I have just downloaded an HTML theme called CANVAS.

I have just downloaded an HTML theme called CANVAS andI would like to populate it with my images and content. However I open it in Dreamweaver and it turns up all muddled, plus there are 404 pages in total! I am not a coder but a designer. Understand the basics of HTML thats why I need a visual editor. Please help how I could best proceed as a beginner!

contact the author, they will definately solve your problem

You will have a hard time editing any HTML template (not just the one you’ve purchased) without some HTML knowledge. Current templates are WAY too complicated for editing via Dreamweaver, you can totally forget about this approach. You have to either hire a coder or go with some WordPress theme as those are much better suited for non-coders.


thanks for your feedback. It looks like this approach is not doable. I just do not like wordpress reallyas it is so slow for uploading in the browser, plus tehre are so many plugins to consider.

one good option is to go with themes which comes with page builder

so you don’t need to touch pages using dreamweaver but with their builder, you can edit content, change images and finally export page and host on server.