Beginners Guide


I have just paid for a template and downloaded it. I have a little knowledge on Dreamweaver but shouldn’t there be a beginner’s guide which tells you how to proceed from the download step? May be a Youtube guide. I have searched but couldnt find any.
Please help.
Thank you in advance


There will be documentation with the item but that will only be an overview and won’t teach anyone how to modify code.

Unfortunately there has to be some level of assumed knowledge when people purchase technical items.

Are you sure it’s a html template and not a WordPress theme etc. That you bought? This would make a big difference in how it would need to be edited.

For what It’s worth Dreamweaver is quite old and it’s visual editor does not work well with envato or other more advanced modern templates.

You could otherwise hire help at


Thanks for the quick reply.

This is what I bought;

“Politician Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Template”
Item by ThemeMakers.

I do not want a flashy website, what I rather want is a website which gives lot of information.

What other application you suggest?
Thanks again for the response.


That is a html template.

Adobe Brackets is a good option to edit code with but it will be code you need to edit (more or less regardless of the tool you use) rather than editing visual or design versions.

If that’s likely to be an issue then you may find buying a WP theme or some form of CMS easier


When I unziped the contents and there are lot of html pages given.
How can I make a template page so that all my pages look similar.
Do I have to do each page manually?


You will need to edit each page and the content to suit your requirements (including linking them up appropriately) and then you can upload these to your hosting


Isnt it bit boring work? I suggest that I create a template page and create editable links. Then start new pages based on the template and change these new pages using the provided pages. (copy the codes and paste)
Will this do?


I am not sure I totally follow your plan but it sounds like it should work. Good luck