Question to AdRev users

Hi guys,

Have any of you Adrev users experienced some issues with the system lately?

I normally get a notice upon uploading on Youtube. But it has not been the case since mid August. AdRev support told me then that they had a huge in-take of new music and were processing the backlog.

After a month and still no notice, I asked support again if the track was still not fingerprinted. They said it was and that it was making claims.

But nothing on my end.

I uploaded two new tracks in September and neither of them generated any notices. Though I had uploaded them to AdRev a week prior to uploading to YT.

Even more disturbing, an Halloween VH video, using a track that was registered over a year ago (and was working fine up until now), was recently uploaded on YT. The video has not generated a copyright notice.

What’s going on? It looks as though the system has stopped functioning for me. So, has any of you experienced something similar?

Thanks for your help/input!

Same here, I’m noticing issues with their system not triggering claims on new and previous tracks uploaded. I think it’s possibly a YouTube issue rather than an AdRev one though which, if the case, means it’s a hard one to resolve…

I wouldn’t know if they are having problems “catching up”, but I would guess there is a reason they post streaming results with a 4 month delay. Scanning through all of YouTube’s content takes a LOT of time and computing power. I wouldn’t worry if there’s no copyright notice in the first two or three months after uploading to YouTube. Wait half a year and see.

Thing is, I used to receive the notice instantly upon uploading. So it used to work fine.

Despite the 4 month delay on our end, Adrev is able to see claims and hits right away, as confirmed by their support.

I understand that it takes a lot of time to scan through billions of videos. This is precisely why I worry. Before August you didn’t not need to wait for AdRev to eventually scan your video. It was the other way around, Youtube would run the audio of your video against the ContentID catalog. If there was a match, you’d get a notice instantly. Worked seamlessly.

My issue with this is that saying to our buyers “you may receive a copyright notice in a couple months or maybe half a year. So, you know, be on the lookout for it. When you do receive it, remember to use your license to clear it” is not as straightforward and definitely not as professional as saying (as many of us do): “Use your license to clear the copyright notice upon uploading.”

I think you may be right. It looks like Youtube is skipping the “run the audio against the ContentID catalog” phase of the uploading process.

Don’t know if it’s a bug or a new YT policy. In any case, not much we can do, I’m affraid.

I’ve had the same problem since July. I posted 5 tracks between July and August on Youtube, and didn’t get a claim. Finally saw one claim on the first song uploaded in July. Sill no claim on the other 4.

However, I did post a song in september, which immediately got a claim. Must’ve been some sort of issue.
I’ve posted the links of the remaining unclaimed videos to AdRev (twice), and haven’t gotten any claims yet.

I’ll use this thread to make a question. I’m not an AdRev user.
More than a month ago I submitted an application to register for Self-Service Content ID on AdRev.
I’m still waiting to have an answer from “Our team will review, and you will receive an email message if approved letting you know that your artist functions have been activated.

During this period I tried to make it again 3/4 times.

Is it normal? Is AdRev still working?

When I registered a few years back, it was an immediate process. But I guess they had to put some control due to thieves abusing the system. Don’t know if a month is a normal waiting period or if something is up. You should contact AdRev support and ask them what’s up. They’re usually prompt to respond.

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