Is AdRev support working for you these days?

For AdRev authors.
I usually get an automatic email reply when I fill the contact form, saying the request was received and then in max 24h I get an answer from AdRev people.
Now for the last two support requests I didn’t get any email. I wonder if they’re having technical issues.
Are you experiencing the same?

For me is working as usually :wink:

Seemingly and unfortunately, no replies from them since Oct 3.

I was told this “We are currently in the works of revamping our submitted links sections on our site. So in the meantime any videos that need to be manually claim please send in an email.”

You have to add the timestamp too, is a new thingy

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Thanks! They could have put a note on the page though :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes man, they are cryptic af. almost like a 3rd world country PRO :sweat_smile:
but mail support is fast tho. credit where is due :man_shrugging:

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