Is Adrev even Alive?

Just wondering what peoples experiences are with Adrev support ? They’ve missed my Q2 payments and still owe me a chunk of money (I think this was due late tax submmited forms which I completed after Q2 earnings were due). Ive contacted them multiple times and had no response. This has been ongoing for several months.

This concerns me a bit because I want to move all my music over to Haawk/Indentifyy. But If adrev won’t respond then how do you remove all your music from them? Any advice here would be really appreciated.

@MarvinBlueProductions, I’m sorry I can’t give you a more in-depth response but I understand many authors have moved from AdRev to Haawk so they might chime soon. What I can tell you is that since I’ve been with Identifyy all payments were right on time, support replies fairly swiftly and the overall reports have been pretty good so you’re probably making a good decision changing Id platforms.

I’ve only been with them one year, though. Best of luck!

Thanks for the reply, I have started to upload new submissions to Identifyy now on the advice from Authors here. It looks like a better service for sure. Ive heard some people state that they uploaded their stuff to Identifyy without removing it from Adrev, but this seems like it could result in issues with copyright strikes. If Adrev don’t ever respond though I will be forced to do this.


That’s what I’ve done. Only thing that seems to have happened is that adrev have stopped sending me payments. I got an email from Identifyy saying that some of the tracks I uploaded to them were on adrev, and that they had sent adrev a message about it. Haven’t heard anything else since.

Everything is fine for me with AdRev, have you filled a new “payment preference” form?

Yup, everything fine for me too with AdRev. Every single payment on time since 2014, coming up on 9 years now.

Reports every month on the 12th-16th (usually 15th) for views 2 months prior. Support usually answers within 24 hours.

I’m a bit surprised that the experience can be so different for some…

Just don’t get your hopes up too much for Identifyy @MarvinBlueProductions since people here on this forum will tell you they’re pretty bad to deal with once you’re “in”.

I do have an account with Identifyy as well (only one track for testing), and they have been easy, helpful and nice to talk to so far at least, I will say that.