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Hi! I just recieved a reply from my application on AdRev: “Hi there, Unfortunately, we cannot work with your library. Please find another aggregator in the lists below. Thank you.”
Im new to Content ID, can you help me with this? What alternative do you reccommend? Thanks


The two names that have come up the most are Audiam and Muserk. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about those, as I have no experience with them.

Also I’m afraid they too do not accept AJ authors any longer.

Hopefully an author registered with one of those other third-parties will jump in and share their experience.

Few days ago I’ve received a payout from Identifyy. They are quite new, but so far I can recommend them.


I see, i will try those, hope they accept AJ authors. Thanks!

bump, I’m also interested in more info

I’ve been with since last year, they have a 70/30 split, the pay outs are quarterly but they are professional & have managed to find some works that have been using music with water marks, which was quite eye opening.


Hey @anon71919130! Thanks for sharing that info!

Could you explain a lil further how does it work? Do you register your tracks in their platform and include some kind of certificate or purchase code for the customers to clear the copyrights?

Thanks in advance!


Here’s part of how it started, which should clarify a portion of your question:

  • Sign up - They will ask you to upload some tracks for approval (This could take a month for the first few tracks, after this the approval is usually pretty quick)

  • Once your tracks have been accepted, identifyy will then go through the YouTube ContentID system to copyright claim all works with your uploaded Audio.

  • If your content is used on a customers video, an advert will be placed on the video and a copyright claim will show up with your artist name. (They will never take down the video)

  • If the customer is willing to let the ad’s run on their video and are happy to keep the copyright claim on the video, you will be able to benefit from YouTube’s contentID system monetarily.

  • If the customer doesn’t want Advertisements running on their video they can then take their license in which was purchased from a licensee (ie. AudioJungle) and dispute the claim using YouTube’s dispute filing system.

  • Alternatively they could email you or identifyy with the video they want to remove the copyright claim & with a license do the same thing, which is quicker.

  • And finally if they feel like they would want to white list their channel, (eg, prevent all of your music from copyright claims) they can forward you their license/s, & you can then email identifyy requesting they white list the channel & they will white list the channel within 48 hours.

I did a write up on my page in which I embed in my download file to make customers aware of the whole YouTube ContentID thing & how to get around it if they are curious.

I hope this helps you!


Crystal clear! Thanks so much for such a detailed answer!

I’ll definitely start looking into it monday first thing.


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Hello! Should a track uploaded to AdRev, Muserk, or another similar site have a watermark?

Hey. What payment system does Identifyy work with?


No watermark. AdRev specifically prohibits watermarked tracks.


Thank you!

I can put in a good word for Identifyy. I have been working in online micro-licensing for years and from a licensing site’s point of view they are the best. The claim clearance turn-around is in hours, not weeks like other aggregators and this is huge if an artist wants to keep both the licensing and monetization revenue streams flowing. Many times those streams can conflict if the aggregator is slow to release your licensed music and you start getting a bunch of upset customers and complaints from the licensing site.

Honestly, I think Identifyy has closed the gap that existed for artists between music licensing and YouTube monetization. If you want to license your music and still monetize they are the only game in town.

There’s actually a middle ground that many musicians don’t know about. You can upload your songs to a service like. They use YouTube’s Content ID system to check for matches, slap ads on infringing videos, and pay you a share of the ad revenue.

Do you need to upload all versions of the track if you have multiple versions of it?

Today I had an email from a customer who purchased the licencse for a track on audiojungle 2-3 years ago and had have no trouble until now. He got a message today from YouTube saying that he has violated copyrights because it belongs to “TuneCore”. The track is “Groovy 70’s Funky Fun”

My music is not content ID yet but I signed up for identifyy hoping to clear all this mess. I tried Ad rev and had no response so hopefully they will accept AJ tracks.

I’ve had two emails like this and it’s getting frustrating. If you have any tips on how to proceed, let me know.
:sunglasses: Thanks!

You should just upload the main version. Uploading multiple versions could potentially create some issues.

Regarding the claims your customer received, it could mean two things:

  • You have released your music for listening purpose with an online distributor who registered your music with ContentID. If so, you need to contact your distributor and opt-out of their ContentID program, as this is not compatible with selling on AJ.
  • Unfortunately, it could also be a worse scenario: someone fraudulently registered your music as their own. In this case, you will have to contact the third-party involved and tell them you are the real owner of the music.

As in your case, the claimant is TuneCore it’s hopefully the first scenario.

You will have to sort it out before registering with Identifyy.

Unfortunately it is the second scenario, as my music is only here on audiojungle.
Thanks Pierre for the info, well appreciated :slight_smile: