Any Verified Music Monetization Platform except AdRev and Muserk?

Hey, folks!

In case of blocking new registrations on AdRev and Muserk, I’ve searched for alternatives and didn’t found anything worth. Maybe someone can suggest any other verified platform to monetize Royalty Free Music? :slight_smile:

Recently I tried to register Adrev account. It says it’s inactive when trying to log in. I guess Adrev is dead for royalty free authors.

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Same thing,

Last time I’ve tried to register Adrev acc year ago. After getting inactive acc I’ve sent an email with questions. The answer was very vague, like “Unfortunately we can’t approve” without any concrete reason. The same thing was with Muserk. I guess they already have tons of AJ musicians so they don’t approve any new accs.

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They don’t accept new authors, so it’s dead for NEW royalty-free authors :slight_smile:


I am also in the same boat, I was a bit late to the party. I have applied for AdRev and am awaiting their response, but I am somewhat skeptical.

I have done a little bit of Googling and I have found two different methods of ContentID.

  1. (70% Split)

  2. (80% Split)

I have sent an email to identiffy if they are able to white list items and hopefully they will be able to get back to me, in which case I will keep you updated.

TuneCore I have montized music on before but it was music I was producing for artists, and was uploaded as an album, I know that you can upload an album to tunecore for about $39.00 a year (Up to 101 Songs Per Album) and they are able to white list items if needed. It can just become rather expensive if you plan to upload albums frequently.

Thanks, KORDS!

I’ve also found Identifyy, but I always search for reviews if i don’t know website or it is new. There is no any review about them so far. So if you will find some info about them, please let us know :slight_smile:

There is one more called Orfium. I’ve tried to contact them via email and didn’t got any answer in more than one month. That attitude shows, how the platform will “work” :wink:

One more platform is Audiam, but as we can see in some user reviews, comparing with AdRev there is very poor revenue.

Hi Audioway,

I emailed identifyy last night and they seemed pretty nice, here is the dialog.

Hello, I would like to find out if I can white list music uploaded to identiffy? For Example, I upload music to you and if someone purchases a license to bypass the contentID they can then whitelist the track and it wont be montetized?

Alex @ Identifyy:
Yes, we help users with this issue all of the time. There are a few options. If a user who bought a license gets their video claimed, you or the licensee can either dispute the claim through the YouTube platform, write in to the chat box on our website, or email us at Our average response time is less than four hours including nights and weekends.

Additionally, if a licensee uses your content on several videos on their channel, we can whitelist their channel so they will not receive any claims.

Thanks for your assistance

Excuse me for asking this, but I found your website using google, and I can’t quite verify the legitimacy of the business.
I tried to look on and I cannot find the company maybe you could help?
Are you relatively new & how can I confirm that this is a legitimate practice?
Thank you & kind regards

Alex @ Identifyy:

Our parent company, HAAWK, was founded in 2017. You can check out HAAWK’s website here: HAAWK is a YouTube certified administrator. HAAWK’s Identifyy platform was launched earlier this year. You can find a few articles about us from major publications if you search for HAAWK, inc.

I am happy to help if you have any additional questions.

AdRev Rejected me once again, but I am willing to try out this identifyy, its a 70% split, but they are at least trying to monetize Facebook and Instagram videos too in the near future, which makes a lot of sense for me. If it doesn’t work out, Ill try find something else, If this new EU article 13 law gets passed, I would rather be able to white list buyers who have purchased a license, than leaving them hanging because a law has been passed.

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Happened to me the same


Also emailed Identifyy, got answer in 3 days! Very polite and responsive.
I think we shall give it a try!

I will upload some tracks and will keep this thread updated. :slight_smile: