Has anybody moved his tracks from AdRev to Identify? Or has two CID partners?

Has anybody moved his tracks from AdRev to Identify? Or has two CID partners?

I am not satisfied with a huge drop of AdRev earnings and almost zero new video findings. It happened probably due to the lack of their man power and change in the procedures of tracking so called Royalty Free tracks. Anyone?


I’ve thought about it. Like you, I’m not satisfied with how AdRev performs. I seem to have no new findings though I have many more tracks.

I’d love to have some insight on how Identifyy performs as well. Is it worth the hassle to move over?


Hi guys,

I just got my first report from from Identifyy…since I only recently uploaded my tracks there I only have the last 3 days of August and the month of September of data…and to say the least…I was shocked…I got over $1000 of ad revenue from videos I had no idea that were using my tracks…they found nearly 5000 videos with a total view count of almost 4 million views…and that’s only counting 35 days…and I already got an email from them saying that they were extremely impressed by how well my account performed in the last quarter (oct, nov, dec/2019) which I still don’t know the figures yet. Now I know that registering all my portfolio with Identify was indeed the best decision. I feel that my work is a lot more protected and besides it opened up a way to earn parallel passive $$. So, I highly recommend them. I hope it helps.

All the best. I have been away travelling overseas and only recently came back home. Ready for another year of hard work and hopefully good music and plenty of sales! I wish you all a wonderful 2020!



Awesome news! Congrats, impressive indeed :sunglasses:

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Impressive! Glad it went that well!


Dude! That’s awesome! Huge congratulations and, of course, totally deserved given the top notch quality of your work. BTW, did you receive any mails from buyers having their contents blocked, tagged, copyright-claimed or any kind of headache from the customer side related with the registration of your tracks on Identifyy?

PS: Have you been this side of the globe in your vacations? :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. As I said, I think that every author should register their portfolio, not just for protection of their intellectual property but also for extra income. @WormwoodMusic thanks for the nice words regarding my work mate. Yes, I did get a few customers complaining about copyright notices on their videos. But not nearly as much as I was expecting…Most of them are nice but others are very very rude. But I got prepared for this, what did I do?

  1. I have sample emails ready to reply to them with all the info necessary and reasons why I started protecting my work 2) I created a page on my website with all FAQ 3) I wrote a note on my Profile page here on AJ 4) every item page has a short explanation and info to clear their videos quickly (via my website).

I believe that most professionals are used to clear videos on a daily basis. and that is the target audience I am trying to appeal.

As for vacation, We live in Sydney and went to Brazil (Sao Paulo) to spend Xmas and NYE with family and relatives and the on the way back my wife and I spent a few days in amazing Dubai! :slight_smile:


I’ve signed with Identifyy a couple of months ago, so haven’t seen anything yet, but now when I log in into my Identifyy dashboard I see that all metadata (Song Titles and Artist Name) from previously submitted tracks have disappeared. I’ll try to contact them on this issue.

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Hi @Theo_Sound, thanks for that info. I just logged in to my account and (like with your account) almost all metadata (song title and artist name) have also just disappeared. I will send them an email right now. That’s very strange. First time it happens.

I was wondering the same as AdRev is going down for a while. Only receiving decent bucks for detections I made manually. Also I’ve never seen numbers like @WavebeatsMusic (in one month) in 3 years with AdRev.

Yes Adrev hasnt found any of my newer stuff. It’s the same thing over and over again. I may change over. I get emails all the time from them.

@WavebeatsMusic How many clients wrote you exactly? I am litte worried about a mess such change can make.

Great news! It looks like Identifyy is way better than AdRev for RF composers now. We can make a group transfer.

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Only receiving decent bucks for detections I made manually.

Just curious - how exactly you detect your tracks?

Hi @RedOctopus, I don’t know the exact number but I would guess that since August 28 (when I first start registering my tracks) i got around 40-60 emails.

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Well, that’s a quite big number comparing to AdRev. That’s probably because they really find videos at proper scale.


I know that 40 to 60 emails might seem a lot but I was honestly expecting hundreds of angry customers contacting me…and so far it hasn’t happened and I hope it does not. I think Identifyy is doing a great job scanning videos with RF music.

Absolutely that was a great move and every AJ author should register his music with CID.

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100% with you on this my friend! I have so much to thank you! Your advice and support around August last year was vital for me to decide to go ahead with it. So, thank YOU again! :wink:


mostly here https://www.google.com/videohp “megustamusic”

Yes, but a majority of the tracks that you’ll find this way are ones that are detected by AdRev already… Do you submit these too?