Has anybody moved his tracks from AdRev to Identify? Or has two CID partners?

yes, but strangely the latest detections doesn’t appear until a couple of months. so when I submit them appear as my detections and start collection 1 or 2 months before the stipulated. That is another reason why I was considering moving from AdRev

This is kind of absurd. I suppose it’s because last year’s Youtube CID new policy which had obligated CID partners to confirm manually each claim from RF composers, which are in the RF industry usually legal = profit is relatively low comparing to work which had to be done and YT users support. So I suppose AdRev has focused on other music branches and start ignoring RF composers. But it looks like Identifyy do their manual job.

What a pity you didn’t share with us this info before! I think that manual reports may come around this and somehow force manual AdRev claim. Those are only my thoughts.

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You might be right, Krzysiek! In 2017 I asked them why some of the tracks of mine haven’t generated the copyright notice, despite the fact that music 100% match with these that I have uploaded in AdRev. The answer was:

These videos had potential claims on them which have now been confirmed. To stay compliant with YouTube’s guidelines in regards to royalty free music, we must apply a manual review policy to any RF music. Instead of making automated claims, any videos containing your music (including your own) go into our manual review queue where we verify by hand the video uploader has purchased a license. If they can confirm they have a license, we do not claim. If they cannot, then we place a claim.

Well, sorry to say it probably won’t last. :frowning:

I started with just ONE track a few years ago, and I was shocked too when I saw $250 from just one track! Of course thoughts of $25,000 per month enter my mind, and even if just 20% of that from my 100 or so tracks, $5,000 per month is awesome!

Of course it doesn’t work that way. :slight_smile:

The first month will of course be the best because now you’re catching everyone with your music, since no one has of course cleared anything. Many legitimate buyers won’t care about clearing, don’t know how, or don’t get the notification.

As time goes on, thieves with lots of views simply won’t use the music, and legitimate buyers will of course clear the claims.

You will probably still make some money, but the first months are always the highest.

It’s a real dilemma. You want to protect your music AND earn money. Of course, earning money means that a lot of people first have to steal the music. So if it’s truly protected, you won’t get any money. :slight_smile:

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And that’s a good point. @WavebeatsMusic I remember that you have a strong marketing on Youtube, don’t you? I suppose that some Youtube creators may mistakenly use your tracks expecting that “Royalty Free” means no royalties at all. Maybe some of creators who wrote you complains were such Youtube creators, not AudioJungle buyers? Do you have any knowledge about who they are? That is important to know what is the exact rate of unsatisfied and unprepared AJ clients.

Not good. As I expected, AdRev stopped being effective for RF composers. What a pity nobody has informed us / shared with us info about that.

This is what I’m going to do. I will register my new tracks with Identify and I will see what will happen. I will probably transfer some tracks from AdRev to Identify as a test and afterwards I will decide what to do. I will update my AJ Community Guide about CID.

@WavebeatsMusic so when did you get first mails with complains? How many days/months passed from registering tracks to first findings?


Are we allowed to register our tracks here with Identiffy?

Wow man, now that you put it that way I feel bad, but I thought it was an anomaly. I’ve been doing this since October as the detections in Adrev started to fall.

Yes we can!

Sorry, didn’t want you to feel bad! System is so complex and it’s normal that we look for walkarounds on our own. No worries!

just took 4 tracks off of AdRev and putting them up on Identifyy. Will report back lol.

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Me either :slight_smile:

@RedOctopus Sorry for the late reply to your questions…Went on a short trip with my family to celebrate Australian Day and came back last light. Ok, your answers…Yes, I put a lot of time/effort on YT promotion videos. I did get some complaints from people who did NOT buy my tracks saying that they could no longer monetize on their videos. I had to explain again and again that RF music is not the same as Free music. I don’t know if they ended up purchasing licenses after that as I haven’t heard back from them. The Identifyy report page is very detailed as it has a link of every single video they find. So, I guess I could find out who they are but it takes time to go one by one.

As for your other question, I started to get emails about 2 weeks from my first track registration.

I hope it helps.


Did you got an answer from Identifyy about disappeared metadata?

Hi @Theo_Sound, yes I did. Ben sent me the email below:

"Hi Henrique,

I can see this issue as well. We’ve alerted our dev team who will start working on a solution soon. In the meantime, rest assured that your tracks are displaying as normal in YouTube’s content management system. This is a glitch in the Identifyy user table only.

Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.



I hope this helps.


@WavebeatsMusic thanks! Sorry to for going deeper with my questions but it is quite important for me and for the Community. Can you estimate the proportion between complaining AJ clients and people who used your music directly from YT? I suppose that AJ clients tend to write in their mails that they bought a license.

Once again, thanks @WavebeatsMusic

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How long does it take for my tracks to go through Admin Review on identifyy?

In FAQ they say it’s up to week.

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Hi @RedOctopus, no worries I will have a look and let you know soon.

thanks but what does this mean in the FAQ - Recordings that contain audio made available for free from Garage Band, Logic, Fruity Loops, Abelton, and other Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).?

It theory avoiding popular samples, especially loops will lower chances for false positive findings. Kind of Youtube rule which could be explained slightly better in this FAQ. If you use single one shots from DAW, you won’t get false positive probably and probably no one will recognize them.

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Thinking of moving my portfolio from AdRev to Identify too after their countless invitations. :slight_smile: