Has anybody moved his tracks from AdRev to Identify? Or has two CID partners?

What will be the best strategy? Upload only newly approved tracks or full portfolio? What will happen to all legit videos if i upload a track from 2006 year with over 1000+ purchases? Will they all get copyright claim and make customers angry?

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I’ve asked them same question and they said that they will simply takeover the management over already registered tracks in Youtube CID so my client will not receive another claim.

First I will register my all new tracks which I haven’t registered yet. I will also transfer few test tracks from AdRev to Identifyy to check how many complains will they generate. Afterwards if the number of complains is relatively low, I will transfer all my old portfolio.

I have to be careful, I have +16000 sales, I want to be sure that I will not receive thousands of complains :slight_smile: But it looks like it should be very ok!

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Thank you @RedOctopus! Sounds like a perfect plan. I think i will do the same :pray:

I thought of moving my portfolio to Identify too, but my AdRev earnings increased drastically in the last few months. Now I’m not sure what to do, ‘cause for now I’m making with AdRev more money, than with Audiojungle. :man_shrugging:t2:

@RedOctopus Hi my friend, ok I had a look at my emails in order to provide you with a better answer…The vast majority of the complaint emails I received came from legit AJ costumers (around 90%). So, just a few emails and YT comments from YouTubers complaining about copyright notices.
I have no experience with AdRev but I still strongly advise everyone to join Identifyy. If I knew back then what I know today about it, I would have started registering my tracks since when I joined AJ 3 years ago. I hope it helps.

Exactly! @WavebeatsMusic thanks for the info about complaint emails!

I am just after uploading new tracks to Identifyy and after transferring few test tracks from AdRev. Identifyy have incredible author support.

I recommend you to wait for my experience about client complaints and number of findings and earnings. I will probably write a new chapter of the AJ Community Guide about Identifyy because at this moment it looks like it will be a game changer for us! But let’s wait for the numbers.

Though if somebody wants to move there right now (to save potential money), please contact me via private message so I can connect you with them directly.


Hey Guys,
could someone please send a link to Identifyy?
I can’t find the website :hear_no_evil:

That’s weird. It’s the very first result that pops up when you type Identifyy in Google. Here: https://www.identifyy.com/

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thank you so much!
I think I will transfer my Tracks as well! :slight_smile:

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Does anybody know if I have to delete my Adrev account when I upload the same Tracks on Identifyy?
Or is there a possibility to delete unique songs from Adrev?
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

You have to write to AdRev and ask for removing tracks from their database.

And what about this policy in identify:

The following examples are NOT ELIGIBLE for uploading to Identifyy:

- Content licensed non-exclusively from a third party

Are non-exclusive authors disable to join identify?

You are “1st party” and you can’t upload tracka which you buy non exclusively from 3rd party. In my opinion.

Besides exclusivity of track is something totally dofferent than exclusivity of author profile.

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Can anyone explain why they actually think they will earn more YOUTUBE centric content id royalties by switching from ADREV to Identifyy?

I just do not see the reasoning. Youtube pays what they pay, the “broker” of the content ID scanning service i.e. adrev, or identifyy can not force youtube to pay more content id royalties, so I think you may be changing, for the sake of change, and may even be creating a confusing quagmire for already claimed videos. Any claimed videos you have at ADREV will now have to switch to Identifyy and that may create a “multiple claim” problem and can possibly have your CID royalties held in quarantine until the confusion is resolved.

I’d move cautiously if you are thinking about making a change.

Why is everyone disgruntled with ADREV? What has changed?


We have discussed this here already. All this system is very vague but it looks like AdRev has changed its policy for royalty free composers. It may be related to a Youtube CID rules change which need manual claim action and AdRev do not have enough manpower to do this or its somehow not profitable for them. In one mail they also explained me that because I am royalty free composer, they stopped collecting my so called “CID publishing royalties” and they collect only “master recording CID royalties”.

There are many reports that AdRev stopped monetizing our new tracks and we all have a significant drop in AdRev earnings. AdRev also do not display any new findings.

So we are switching to Identifyy because it looks like they have enough manpower or motivation to manage our catalogs.

No. They explained that once Youtube CID find video, it stays in Youtube CID findings database. AdRev or Identifyy are just managing services so they simply can switch as a “manager” of those findings, that’s why clients WILL NOT get any double claims. In other words, you do not transfer your track, but only rights to manage its monetization.

So it looks like it can be worthy. I would recommend to wait for more reports about earnings and findings after moving to Identifyy but still it looks like there is nothing to loose and even now I’ve heard few opinions that they are way better.

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Well, putting all other things aside (that may be correct), they are in fact 50% more expensive, which is something to consider, especially if you’re just moving the management of already claimed videos. For me, that would have meant losing more than $5,000 in the last few years…

Anyway, I’m still seeing good AdRev earnings, the best in a year just this month, and I see a large portion of manual claims.

I don’t know if they have stopped claiming new music for some people, or if that is just unconfirmed rumors… Just like most things when people complain about lower sales. I don’t know.

What I do know is that CID earnings is kind of a “catch-22” thing when it comes to licensed music.

In the beginning, legal users get the claims on old videos and don’t bother to release them, don’t see the message, or can’t find their licensing details. This causes a big spike in earnings at first.

New legal users are much, much more likely to release the claims right away.

Old illegal users with significant views may leave the videos up, but new illegal users who anticipate significant views will just remove the track or replace it with something else so that they can get the ad revenue.

CID is really not well suited for music that people are SUPPOSED to use in their videos. At least not now with the 2-month delay in reporting and no immediate control over the claims.

It is much better suited to regular commercial listening music, where people just WANT to upload the tracks because they are famous, and care more about using that particular track than getting ad revenue.

A new company like Identifyy wants to grow quickly, and when they have faced enough of the problems the people at AdRev have already faced, they will make the same changes.

Music that constantly needs claims released (like music for licensing) is not what ANY of these companies want. It’s the opposite.

I bet you can negotiate share percent. But it is always a good idea to pay bigger share from a decent earnings than from small ones.

I sell 300-500 licenses each month and I haven’t seen new findings in AdRev in last few months. It has to be mentioned that big part of my clients use tracks which CID do not scan like shorter than 30sec or some of percussive tracks but two years ago they have found nice number of videos with my music. I have realized that I am not the only one so I thought it is a good time to change because… I have nothing to loose.

Of course. But still we need it. Even though it is sometimes a pain in neck of legal music users, it scares those who use it illegally. I suppose you remember El Dorado Youtube before CID. That’s why I want to use more efficient CID partner.

And yes, I am aware of your other points that’s why I recommend others to wait until I test Identifyy on my own. It looks like they are a good option but let’s wait for numbers.

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I switched over all my tracks to Identifyy…they have found so much more then AdRev it’s crazy.

If it’s just a rumor, it feels very real.
By the way, lower sales on AJ are not mere rumors, they’ve been confirmed by Envato’s CEO, who expects them to continue dwindling.