AdRev Alternatives

Hello guys! :upside_down_face:

Long story short:
Signing up with AdRev helped me a lot to kickstart and finally sustain my career as a music producer.
Over the last years, I made around $1,000 per month.
The cool thing: I haven’t uploaded anything new for four (!) years.
And the passive income keeps growing.
It will most certainly double or even triple once AdRev starts screening other social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.
Currently, it’s merely screening Youtube.

Many people asked me how to get similar results.
So I decided to create an online course on that topic.

However, I noticed that AdRev began to reject some of my students.
Right now, I’m not sure why, because some other students got accepted without any struggles.

I’ve heard that there are many more Content ID services that work the same. My question is:

If you have experience in this field:
Which company did you pick?

And what about Distrokid?
I have to admit I’m relatively new to the new companies because I am pleased with AdRev.
But I’ve heard that you can even upload covers (an example would be an epic/orchestral remake of Star Wars track), and it automatically distributes the income among the original composer and the cover artist.
A feature that AdRev lacks, for example.

Thank you for your input!

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Identifyy/Haawk definitely. I will pm you tomorrow.

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