AdRev and Royalty-Free Music

Wondering why some songs I added to AdRev 5-6 months ago have not been detected anything videos (of which I know there are some), I asked AdRev for the reason (noticing videos were being detected as much as they used to be). As it turns out, how AdRev, YouTube, and RF Music interact seems to have been updated little (since its early days). I’m just learning about this change but I thought I’d copy and paste and email from an AdRev employee that seems to shed some light on the current protocol:

Do you sell royalty free licenses for your music? It looks like YouTube has set your music to be royalty free, meaning it’s assigned a custom policy to follow YouTube’s guidelines when it comes to RF music. A manual review policy is enforced, meaning your music will not make automated claims. Instead, all videos containing your music go into a potential claim queue where they are confirmed or denied by hand. If a user can prove they purchased a license, we do not claim the video. If they cannot prove they have a license, we claim the video.

Because of this policy, videos you post on your own channel will not be automatically claimed.

Most of my music is RF, yes. Some will not be in the future, though. Asking further about how to flag the ones that aren’t, the employee said they can do that for us.

Anyway, just FYI. The more you know…

I’m just wondering how YouTubers are “proving” they have a license. I hope AdRev or YouTube is asking for screen shots of the license receipt or license number. Anyone see any potential problems with this?