Question about ThemeForest WP themes

I tried to ask the question to Envato customer support people, but they advised me to get in touch with ThemeForest. However, I could not find a way to contact ThemeForest as a non-customer, hence my question here:
I am looking at buying a Woocommerce them from ThemeForest (it would be either “FoodFarm” or “eFarm”) but before purchasing I just wanted to know if the ThemeForest themes are sold with all images as on the demo, i.e. can I use the existing demo as a start of my website and start editing it? Does the theme come with ALL images and icons from the demo’s or are they subject to author rights and I have to order them separately? I had a look at the documentation and there was a mention of “Dummy content”, but it’s was not 100% clear to me what this dummy content contains.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Non of the themes come with images so in regards to images you will need to purchase separately. But I guess the icons are included in the theme. The best place to get answer is post a question to the theme authors. Dummy contents means it will come with placeholder images and contents but not a real image.

Many thanks for your quick reply!
I have just sent them a message and I will see what they come back with.

Thanks again!

Such informations you can find on theme developer page on bottom off page.


I have issues with Qualifire theme of ThemeForest on my website. The slider on home page is not working. Its stuck on first image only. Need assistance in this regard. Thanks

Images need to purchase separately or you can try free image sites like freepick etc.

I managed to get my images for my website from pixabay and 123silhouette.

Thank you all for your feedback! Well, it seems you all have the same opinion, however here is the reply from the customer support of Arrowhitech:
We have used free images for our themes. So, you can use those for your themes after purchase.
But the best you should make your images because someone use images of our themes also.

So, I don’t know what to believe now :slight_smile:

@ Zaccc
Thank you, I went through all this information several times, but I obviosuly did not scroll long enough until the bottom of the page. I now need to find out why the support guy told me the above information.

Thanks again to all of you!

Yes most of the theme developers use FREE images in there theme. FREE images means anybody can use in there website but there is no guarantee of copyright issues in future[you will may need to face Copyright issues anytime]. So the safe side is either use your own images or buy premium images from stocky photography websites.