What is theme author's resource for Images used in Demo Site

Hi Guys ,

I am new in this marketplace and actually this is my first commercial wordpress-woocommerce theme I’m gonna publish in the upcoming days if passed the review process successfully so please help me in this regard, currently I have my website and I’m going to make a demo for this theme in the website but something got me distracted is that my theme is an Ecommerce woocommerce theme so it’s a shop and should contains too many products photos but what is the resource for such demo site images , is this correct that should take all the photos on my own ? is this something that other themes authors used to do in order to have demo site up and running ?

thank you in advance

You can use stock images (assuming their license permits it) but you should substitute these for placeholders on the download version which buyers would receive

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Good idea but as I have seen some of them they don’t have various kinds of a single image as we know a product maybe have multiple images from different variations or angles

I don’t know enough to advise about the best resources (or though I am sure they exist) but almost certianly no authors on themeforest go to the toruble of taking their own photos esp. to the standard that you see in most demos

Yes your answer is sensible, I think as you suggested I should search more inside stock images to find something suits my requirements, anyway thank you for your answer

Here are 35 free stock photo sites - I personally like Unsplash & Rawpixel best, and we often use photos from these for theme demos and for our blog posts.