Theme Authors: Can you please let us know about the source of "product images" that you use in your demos?


Many e-commerce theme’s here use some really high quality images of products for their demos, and I’ve been struggling since a long time to find similar images on all of free and paid stock-image websites like Shutterstock, DepositPhotos and so on, but I haven’t been able to find them.

What I’m looking for is a bundle of images of similar products from one or two sources that I can use to effectively showcase an online store with my theme, which is what I’ve seen in so many of the demos here.

I’ve create a thread about this earlier, but didn’t get much response, I’ve have also seen other threads of people asking for the same thing that didn’t get much response either.

My only guess is that theme authors contact the owners of actual stores and ask for permission to use their images, but so far I’ve never seen an attribution to a store on any of theme’s details page that I’ve seen.

So I’m really hoping that some of the authors here can share what really appears to be a secret to me. It will be a huge favor to me and, I assume, to many other fellow authors here as well.

Thank you.

You can always contact the author and ask them where did they find the images. We use shutterstock the most, but finding the right image can take time… You can see our PSD template “Shopsters” and some images we used in it. Those images are from shutterstock.