Question about shop images copyright

I wonder if it’s ok to use product images for eCommerce theme from real shops, like Bonds, Asos etc. I notice that some themes use them, but not sure if it’s legal. What would be the best option for this?

No it’s not ok

While I’m sure some people do it - it’s still illegal and could land them in a lot of trouble

How about top sellers with over 50K sales? Maybe they have some kind of agreement with this shops?

It’s unlikely. All of the big sites like ASOS etc. have serious copyright on the image son heir site not to mention in many cases the brands themselves have protection about non-official suppliers using their products in images.

While I am sure that some authors here, on other marketplaces etc. all do it, it’s a bit like the thread e saw here yesterday about Facebook officially coming after an author for using their trademarks… It’s common and super rare for anyone to get pulled up for it but that doesn;t make it legal or any less protected from being sued especially in a commercial environment.

There may be some brands/retailers who are ok with it assuming there is some kind of permission or agreement but I have never come across one yet.