Can I Use Images From Demo Content From Themes?


I wanted to know if i can use the images from the demos on the themes.

Almost certainly not.

In most cases the download you buy should not include the images from the demo as mostly authors do not have the rights to redistribute these.

If the purchase does and you choose to use them , then any implications that may arise will be your responsibility not the authors.


I dont mind buying them. Who would i contact to use the images? But that also brings up another issue with envato, if your authors are using images and selling them (with themes) doesnt that sounds contradicting? They shouldnt be included if they are selling them.

My question was never really answered tho. I asked [quote=“darrel03, post:1, topic:79823”]
I wanted to know if i can use the images from the demos on the themes.

You replied “almost” can you please be more clear

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Thank you for bringing this up Darrel03. I have often wonder the same thing… I use the pictures all the time and no one says anything. I have even seen these pictures in free stock photo markets. I’m curious to see the answer. They should just include a license with the theme. Also I wonder if the themes provide proof that they are actually aloud to use the pictures them selves or if they are just using these pictures with out direct permission. :eyes:

“Almost” is because it depends on the file i.e. some may use their own images which they don’t mind being used, some may use stock which cannot be reused or shared etc.

There is no obligation for the author to include them and most authors (not everyone) will replace images in demos with placeholders in the download version. Envato actively encourages this.

If you really want to use ones then I would suggest contacting the author (some will include links to the images in their item description) and asking for a link to where they are from so that you can check the licenses on each image.

As @darrel03 said many many people just use these images as they want and nothing ever happens, but that doesn’t make it legal. Checking the original source should always be done as a sense check because once it is on your site then it becomes your responsibility.

The author should be able to provide links to where they are from and then you can look at the licenses and permissions on that site.

Speaking from experience we came very close to exactly this problem using a demo image which was supposedly from a ‘Free image site’ which turned out not to be creative commons. Now we use to reverse image search images too just in case.

Okay, ill contact the author and work it out from there. I still think the system is a little farfetched. But thanks for the help

I am genuinely interested and sure envato would like to hear how this would be possible.

Redistribution commercial license are quite rare on most stock sites are thousands of $.

If the authors do not own the copyright on an image then they are not legally allowed to ‘license’ them, irrelevant of where they found them.

This is exactly the same on other marketplaces and not an exclusive issue to here.

Please don’t link to other markets but this is a screenshot from the one you posted before:


What authors are doing is exactly the same by “use different images” or placeholders.

There are many websites which offer free stock photos. They could use those in the themes and there wouldn’t a license problem. Just seems like there could be a better way of going about it no? Maybe its a marketing tactic.

Are you deleting my posts ?

I’m only deleting links to competitor sites as per community guidelines

You’re right there are tons of free image sites, but many of these don’t cover commercial use, and the choice and quality of images would be hugely restricted based on those which do, especially in commerce type sites which is already stretched even using premium stock.

Personally I don’t really understand why someone would want to use other peoples pictures but that’s just a personal thing. In a huge % of cases authors reference if images are/are not included in item descriptions and if any buyer wants to take the risk of using images from wherever they find it, then that’s their prerogative.

All I am doing is trying to add clarity and explain that there is a reason why it works the way it does.

Well anyways I do appreciate your advice! I’m a big fan of you guys. Just thinking of better ways to help the people ya know? As always you guys rock keep up the good work and ill keep buying themes!

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