New Bundle - Usage Question



I’m going to purchase this bundle - but I’m curious, may I use these images, marckups and etc in a Theme preview on Themeforest? And also include in a demo content import as well?

Envato Staff reply will be appreciated. Thanks!

Regards, Duke :wink:


How can I request staff reply?


Not unless they are included in the download (you will find many you see in demos are not) and again only assuming you have the correct license to use/distribute them


Just to expand on what Charlie has said… Anything that is included in the bundle file that you buy and download, you can use in your previews and demo content. Anything that is included in the bundle’s previews and demo content, which isn’t included in the purchased file you download… you can’t.

The reason being is that you get a royalty free license to use the content in commercial or non-commercial work when buying the bundle… so that’s all good… but the preview and demo content used in the bundle’s items, may contain items that the author has licensed just for use in their demo content, so they can’t transfer that license to you. So you’d have to insert your own images into any smart object items or anything like that.