Demo sites and copy right question

Today after more than 1 month working hard on a website I realized that the images
came with the demo are copy righted so I have to spend a lot of time and replace all those images again .

Now my question: Should not the author of the theme clearly explain that? or water mark all those images in the demo ? I know even some do not include the real images and put place holder instead.

What is this mess? for me copy right is important This is very messy !

I think there is an asusmpaiton that buyers would want to use their own content but what item was the file called?

I just used a few images from Hostiko theme , I downloaded another theme that clearly did not have images with demo but this one was with images. I also searched on the internet and I can clearly see many websites are using icons. Some might think I am too much obsessed with copy right but for me using other peoples work is not acceptable. These authors should be trained better and explain for end users .
Yes I want to use my images but a few abstract images I did not know that i have to go to all these troubles and replace them all again

I actually agree with you on the copyright thing (although to be fair Hostiko does mention that images are not included).

It’s fairly common for any stock site (not just envato) to not include the demo images.

It’s understandable for authors to want to use nice assets to help sell their item, and there’s nothing illegal or in breach of copyright for them to use images from royalty free sites like Unsplash, or even tock websites like Shutterstock, as long as they do not distribute them as part of the download.

I am not suggesting that there are not some authors who use images, icons, scripts etc. that they shouldn’t but it’s near on impossible for envato to moderate every single part of the tens – hundreds of thousands of submissions which they get

OK I was told that images were used from
Is there any way with law cost I can just use them at least for a few months until I find other images to replace ?

depends what the source was.

If they are elements images then it would be easy to subscribe, download and off you go.

Reading the description it says photodune is where they are from (different to elements) I am not sure what the license is for pics from there

thanks perhaps he is using from both places. Is there any way I can tell for each item
for example how to know where this item came from?