Need product images for demo of our WooCommerce theme




I’m creating a WooCommerce theme and was wondering if there are any good places, free or premium, where I can get quality product/catalog images to use in the theme’s demo. I can use a site like ShutterStock to purchase individual images but I feel that it might not be the smartest option and would like to know what source do theme authors here use for their WooCommerce themes.

Please let me know if you know about this and thank you very much.


Anyone? Bumping to the top.


Check this blog post , here you’ll get total 9 website links. Those can be used for your project templates demo images.


Thanks for sharing, but I already know about those sites. What I wanted to find out was what sources do authors here at Themeforest use to get images for their WooCommerce themes demos.

But thanks again for replying.