Query about licence For Plugin and Image to sell theme



I am already Plugin author on envato, now i want to sell theme here and i have couple of query

  1. If i want to use visual composer on theme what are the steps? What license should i purchase and i how many?

Do i need consent letter from author to include in theme?

  1. In theme demo author puts images to show on demo , Where do i get those images? Shutter stock? For eg if want to show 5 images in my slider in my demo theme, Should i purchase it from shutter stock? and put in my demo

  2. Can i use any free plugin like contact form 7 for an instance? or i need consent from the author as well?

  3. Can i use come jquery library or css which are open source like animate.css,jquery valitdate etc…


  1. Purchase extended license and ask author to approve using of that plugin in your theme. (first ask, then purchase).

  2. There are free and premium resources for images, check on forum there was threads about this. For premium images I recommend Photodune https://photodune.net/

  3. Yes, all plugins from WP plugin repository are free to use but don’t include them in theme, just make theme compatible with theme and use this http://tgmpluginactivation.com/ to include it in theme after theme installation.

  4. Yes if they are free for use (e. g. have MIT license)