Quarantine days and creativity strategy.

I hope you are all well. In quarantine times, we can meditate, be safe, take care of our families. I wish that we can all overcome these difficult days, with good music, new ideas and new creations. How are you experiencing these days? Good job to all friends here!


I don’t know, maybe it’s not connected with COVID -19, but sales dipped…

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How a global pandemic may not affect the market :joy:.

(This chart not showing data for March)



As for March, probably a decrease will be around 15%, if the virus spread even more to the west, then we will probably feel it the most.

In China, everything may return to normal but for the rest of the world, this is just the beginning.

I refrained from uploading to the end of the epidemic, probably larger authors will not feel the difference because they have their customer base, but for me every item upload is the only chance to break out of the crowd and be noticed.

I don’t want to spread panic, just describe my plan here. I hope that max at the end of April everything will return to normal.

when it comes to sales, I reached the threshold despite the lack of uploads and the whole situation so i am just little happier :wink:


And the most funny thing is that all my recent songs (6) have not generated any profit for me, so if we would like to draw conclusions they are either not interesting for buyers :sob: or nobody is dealing with new projects currently and clients are just finishing, closing previously started projects.

I’m not an expert, so maybe it’s an erroneous conclusion, but it would turn out that creative video production takes about 1-2 months to finish (mid-sized business), if dear Envato would finally add the counter of preview versions downloads (+download dates), we would not have any questions I think :+1:

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You’re showing screenshots of data from about three weeks before a global pandemic existed… to somehow demonstrate that a global pandemic might not affect the markets?!

No need to be pessimistic, this should all be done by the end of the year.

I do not know if you did not understand my sarcasm, or do you answer the same way, but I just want to show that the pandemic affect the market

The epidemic began in December 2019 in China and in January 2020 spread to other countries (start from Thailand).

Wait until March, you’ll see more significant drop in the charts.

vegetable food with cdj are best way to stay home.hope it ll be better soon.

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Yes, coronavirus will affect the overall profitability of the market, But the most important thing is people’s health.

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I totally agree with yo, @SmartSounds. We are, at this moment, confined. And trying to produce more art!

stay home guys nice post thanks a lot

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