An important message from Envato regarding the current environment

Hello Authors (and wider community) -

The last few weeks have seen rapid change as the world responds to the COVID-19 virus. Whether Envato is a primary or supplementary place to earn for you, we understand that these are very uncertain times for everyone in the creative community.

We understand that as an author, you may have challenges and concerns associated with COVID-19 and questions on how this may impact your business and community. To help with these, I wanted to open up this thread for you to ask questions related to the current environment so we have an open line of communications on this topic. The team and I will be checking in every 2-3 days to respond to your questions. Ahead of your questions, I wanted to note a few key things:

Please Stay Safe
Our first thoughts are for the health and safety of you and your families, and we ask that you follow the guidance provided by the World Health Organization and your local government.

We’re Committed To Your Success
We are operating at full speed with all Envato staff now working fully remotely and planning for business continuity. We’ll continue to help you earn while providing value to customers in this increasingly uncertain time.

We’ll Be Keeping You Informed
We’re starting with this thread and will continue to keep you updated over the coming days and weeks to help guide you through these times with opportunities and resources. Keep an eye on the forum for these updates.



Please temporarily change author fee to 10% for Exclusive and 30% for Non-Exclusive. Thank you


It would be nice to extend the promotion period from March until April 7th.

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I hope that we will pass these tests with dignity.


Can you tell us how is the COVID-19 pandemic impacting sales? Did it cause drop in sales during this period?


I hope this madness ends soon. This is just a disaster. :pensive:


My sales dropped significantly for event flyers. Can you share which type of items are still selling well?

Thank you Collis for starting this discussion. From my point of view, sales have dropped a lot since last year, however, because we are selling digital assets, our businesses should survive this and the coming health and financial crisis. I am still optimistic in this matter.
However, I have to admit that because 60% of sales here on Envato come from US based customers, the upcoming period might generate even lower revenues, because the pandemic seems to be kicking off now in the US, which will determine people to think twice before purchasing anything…


Well I guess this would be great if envato decide to provide some relief in term of fee for there specific authors.

If this is the case? In my opinion there must be a slab system if an author is earning a certain amount, should have considered not eligible and for those who are earning bellow the average should have given relief?

Your thoughts?


Undertaker websites, crematoriums, funeral agencies. Probably doctor CVs too.
Sorry, trying to take some fun in the tragedy.

But, also, I’m talking for real, business-wise.

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Thanks to Collis, I wish all authors to be healthy and have a good time with their families. Collis, I’m the author of videohive. Indeed, my sales over the past year have fallen very much despite the fact that I began to spend a lot more money on production in order to achieve quality.
This financial crisis and virus hit and we are again experiencing a drop in sales. I am also optimistic. I don’t know exactly why the last year Envato left the position of the leaders of our income in comparison with other sites. But I think you have a clear plan on how to fix this situation, because you have the main thing is your team of workers, and a huge pool of very talented and intelligent people authors from around the world, this is your main resource and the power with which you can do incredible things. Therefore, devote time to the pandemic to think over and develop a strategy for how to engage customers and increase our earnings it allow us to make better quality content. We are dependent on you in some points. I believe that the pandemic will pass like the other pandemics that this world has seen.
1. Do you have a vision of the future of market 2. Do you have plans for videohive?


I still struggle with my selling :frowning:

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Hi @collis, I’m sure that many authors will be relieved to see an open thread discussing the impact of COVID-19 on the Envato Marketplace. Thank you.

I also hope that all authors and community members are practicing physical / social distancing during this crisis. It’s great to see that your team is able to do that.

A few marketplace related questions:

  1. In your opinion what changes should authors expect to see in the coming weeks with regards to changes in traffic and sales?

  2. How can authors best prepare for the impact of decreased sales and income?

  3. What part will Envato play in assisting marketplace authors and the community in this uncertain time?

  4. If authors and the community wish to help others in the crisis, where should they reach out?

Best wishes to you and your family. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

Themovation Team


Thanks for the thread.
I think if Envato stop aggressive marketing of Envato Elements (Banner/Sticky header etc : ) on Themeforest it will be very helpful for me/us as Themeforest author. Please, take necessary step about it. Thanks in advance.


Please remove elements banner. Our sales affected by elements than corona


+1 for this. If you really want to help Authors, I’d recommend:

a) Cut down your part from author fees as much as possible.
b) Stop promoting Envato Elements and lets author earn more in this tough time.



a) With zero sales a reduction in author fees won’t help.
b) Elements is my only hope for now. :sweat:

Hi, @collis. I’m Paul, author on main market Graphicriver.
Does the envato (specifically, the graphicriver market) really not need higher value products?
At present, the envato is focused on reducing the cost of products (promotion of goods worth less than $6 in the main market and the offer of extremely cheap subscriptions to the element market). The authors adapt to the market and offer products that fit in this minimal amount of time and resource. The authors have no incentive to work on large and voluminous projects, because they are not interesting envato.
- Please, can you explain this decision and the true path of the main envato market?

All the forces of envato are directed to the development of the market of Elements, everyone feels it. We can talk a lot about the fact that these markets are not competitors, they have different audiences - but this is not so. Currently, the main envato markets are suffering the most; we are not receiving support. All our actions to attract customers and work with the optimization of our products do not bring success, because on the same site and same time we fight with a competitor in the form of a “market of elements” that are supported and promoted by the system itself. We are swimming against the tide.
- Will there be any support for the authors of the main market.
- Will there be honest statements by the owners of the envato market that the main market is not a priority in the growth of the company?

Thank you, I believe in the best.


+1 ! This would be an excellent maneuver on the part of Envato to support the authors during quarantine.


Hey Collis,

Thank you for looking out for the authors during this pandemic.

I want to share with you my concern that a lot of the authors have been struggling with sales since last year and I want to request the Envato team to please redirect your attention to the main market.

@WarnaSlides has made an excellent suggestion that would really help us during this difficult time.

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