Purchased and not getting support of it.

I had purchased an android app few months back , it’s not working also tried to contact the author but not getting any replay back.

First of all, is it from Elements or Marketplace?
The items from Elements doesn’t come with support as a start.

Secondly, if it’s from Marketplace, I’m not the expert but usually the buyers try to use the latest version of the “Android” version and this cause issues. You need to check the item details to see which is the compatible Android version, then you can upgrade/downgrade the current version - most likely this would solve the problem.

I bought from market place, the problem is that i have bought and youtube api android app code. Last update of that app was in 2022, since then author hasn’t updated app. Youtube API is depreciated.

You can request a refund then and report the item as “not working”, Envato may disable the item till the author updates it - if YouTube API is the main feature of the app

It’s been few months now since the purchased of app. How can i do it now ?
Yes, YouTube Api is the main feature of that app.

Create a ticket

Just checked it out, I have already requested for refund earlier and I don’t know exactly when i requested it. How long will it take any idea ?

Usually 5-7 working days if you requested from the author.
If you still don’t hear anything after 10 working days, you can create a ticket.

Refund Ticket ? I tried again for same product it says " Refund of the product is open"


I am confused - first of all you say you purchased this item a “few months ago” then you say the last update of this app/script was in 2022?

If your refund is open, then there is no point in opening another new ticket. Any refund issued by Envato is entirely discretionary

I bought it on 4th March 2023, but didn’t check that it was last updated in 2022.

It’s been 5.5 months since you purchased the item and if you’re requesting for the refund now, it’s suspicious.

Don’t get me wrong but it sounds like you’re not using the item anymore and requesting the refund to get the money back.

I purchased it and didn’t had time to work on it because i was busy with some other business related work, I don’t exactly want refund , I had mailed the author approx. 10 times after that only I applied for refund. If author updates the app with YouTube IFrame Player API and it works again i don’t want refund.

It’s been fully deprecated. What you need to add the HTML/iFrame code into the APP, assuming you’re good at “Apps” I don’t think it’d take time to fix the problem on your own - even it sounds it’s not the best option but the fastest.

Unfortunately I’m not good at programming that’s why bought the application. I had tried to do it was unable to understand the code where to put it. hopefully one day I will make it work.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re not buying furniture from IKEA to build it. Even though it’s template, you would still need some experience to make the things works, especially for “Mobile” section as things are getting updated/changes too quick.